Bad breath as a sign of ketosis

on 3/4/17 9:07 am

The item is from I hadn't heard of bad breath as a possible sign of overdoing a low-carb diet and ketosis. Is the breath connection commonly known?

"This can make your breath stinky:

  • "Correct! You answered: A very low-carb diet

"If you eat too few carbs, your body may have to burn fat for energy, and that creates acidic chemicals called ketones. These can make your breath smell fruity or like nail-polish remover. This is called ketosis, and it can become dangerous if too many ketones build up in your body."

Cathy H.
on 3/4/17 10:00 am
VSG on 10/31/16

I learned about it back when Atkins Diet was all the rage, they talked about it a lot.

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Sai F.
on 3/4/17 10:00 am
VSG on 09/02/16

It's common, at least with all the people I know who have been following a low carb diet. It's because of acetone that is in both your urine (urinary acetoacetate) and breath, but it does go away after awhile. Thank goodness it's not permanent.

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on 3/4/17 3:22 pm

When some people speak of low carb, they're referring to sugars and empty starches. Others, however, refer to vegetable and healthy carbs which are needed for good nutrition, fiber and all that. I don't think bad breath is the major concern; it's merely an indication. The problem is overdoing low-carb eating and eliminating carbs that in no way impede weight loss. As the WebMD item is my first time seeing bad breath mentioned -- meaning that I don't have experience overdoing low car -- I wonder whether what "go[es] away after a while" nevertheless leaves a health danger right there in the body?

Sai F.
on 3/5/17 11:03 am
VSG on 09/02/16

Could be as I have not experienced it myself either, but then again, I have always ate fruits, vegetables... I have on rare occasion eaten below 50 carbs/day but not very long, just enough time to change things up so maybe that is why. :P

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on 3/6/17 7:07 pm - CA

Some of the fad diet gurus like to promote the idea that this is "the smell of burning fat" as a means of keeping people buying their diet products in the face of the unpleasant side effects. More accurately, it is the "smell of not eating your vegetables" as many have learned over the decades that one will burn fat just fine as long as one has an appropriate caloric deficit, irrespective macronutrient counts, and without the need to offend anyone with bad breath or body odors. Sometimes these symptoms may be unavoidable due to short term restrictions, but they are certainly nothing to strive for.

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on 3/6/17 8:54 pm

Agreed on the "experts" and their products. Sometimes I'm tempted to come up with and promote for the short term some ****amamie idea just to test the response.

Insert Fitness
on 3/4/17 10:32 am

Yup. I got in my sister's car early days post op, and she asked me if I'd just painted my nils!

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on 3/4/17 10:40 am, edited 3/4/17 2:40 am

You shouldn't b doing that extreme diet !

If ur Hunny can't make love to you enjoying your delicious feminine smells .. ur going to unhealthy extremes ...

the return is very temporary please don't yoyo diet and destroy your chance to have a permanently fast metabolism!

So concerned..

(deactivated member)
on 3/4/17 10:42 am
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