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on 3/17/17 6:32 pm
VSG on 02/27/17

Honest Omnivore posted an awesome picture in another thread, and it reminded me of one of my most important "A-ha" moments when I realized that I needed to get serious about my weight and health. Her picture shows her frolicking on horseback in front of the pyramids in Egypt. Cool!

I was there in 2010, seeing the Great Pyramids, an experience of a lifetime. I wasn't MO yet, but was 40 y.o., obese, and very out of shape, but I hadn't developed some of my serious health problems yet.

I saw SO many VERY old, VERY frail looking people touring the pyramids with their oxygen tanks in tow! As you can imagine, ancient stone steps and sand are not very safe and steady surfaces for walking or climbing-- steps are irregular heights, etc... Additionally, the temperatures reached 112 degrees Fahrenheit each day.

So many people put off everything until "retirement." First of all, not everybody makes it to retirement for physical reasons, forget about financial reasons. Second of all, if you make it to that point, who says you're gonna be able to get around and do the things you want to do?

This week, two coworkers died. One was a 38 y.o. woman who had a heart attack out of the blue, the other was a 54 y.o. woman who lost a very long battle with cancer. At 47 1/2 y.o., I'm right there in the middle of them, and I'm not going to waste any more time.

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