Sciatica Get Any Better?

on 3/21/17 2:34 pm

I'm still deciding which surgery. I only weigh 220 and Dr. is saying RNY is better b/c of my diabetes and once acid reflux when I was banded. Anyone have/had soreness and weakness in the thighs and buttock area. Did it get any better after either surgery? Please Help!!!

on 3/21/17 4:45 pm - CA
RNY on 10/07/13

I had sciatica years ago and intensive chiropractic therapy made it better. Even after that, I had chronic back pain. Dropping 160 lbs has done wonders for my back pain. Now it's a rarity rather than a constant.


Beam me up Scottie
on 3/21/17 7:47 pm
DS on 02/17/06 with fact many of us have felt that this pain has gotten worse! There is a discussion on Sacroiliac pain post weight loss (SAME AREA) getting worse.

So I woudln't pin all your hopes on losing weight solving back problems...doctors will tell you it will, but it doesn't.

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 3/22/17 2:59 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

But sometimes it will get better - it depends on the cause and the duration. I had back pain whenever I took a walk pre-WLS which resolved once I lost enough weight so that my stomach wasn't pulling my spine out of alignment. But I didn't have chronic sciatica.

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on 3/22/17 5:36 am - GTA, Ontario, Canada
RNY on 11/15/13

100% my sciatic pain, knee pain, ankle pain and back pain (from having large breasts) is GONE post RNY surgery. In the first year I had "butt pain" from losing weight fast and the weight distributing differently all over my body and losing a lot of fat off my butt resulted in my tail bone being more sensitive when I sat on hard surfaces or sat in the same position too long. Now I am 3 yrs 5 mos post op and have zero pain. Get the surgery, best decision you will ever make.

Best of Luck!

Daisy 5'5" HW: 280 SW: 254 CW: 125 - 130

Nov 15, 2013 - RNY - Toronto Western Hospital

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on 3/22/17 9:25 am - Canada

I have a chronic back injury that causes sciatica. I have had several episodes post-op. It didn't stop it from happening, but what I have found is that my recovery time is generally faster -- less weight compressing my spine. You also have to be prepared for no NSAIDs -- I do miss those when something flares up.


CJ On Orcas
on 3/22/17 10:37 am
RNY on 09/09/16

I had a terrible case of sciatica before surgery, and I also had Type II diabetes and was on insulin. I have now lost almost 80 pounds. My sciatica actually got worse after surgery but then about three months post-op I realized it was almost completely gone and now at six months post-op it is completely gone. I do not take any meds for diabetes now and my A1c is 6.4. I do have osteoarthritis (so a very bad knee), and because I have lost a good amount of weight my knees and butt hurt from not having the fat pad they did. But oh, sooo much better. I would run not walk to get surgery. I wish I had done it a long time ago.

The only thing I will say is that it is hard to give up NSAIDs.

on 3/23/17 7:22 pm

I have arthritis in both knees, worse on the left. Ortho sent me to PT, and now my back is aggravated. PT sent me back to Ortho to see the back specialist and rule out "anything exciting".

There's apparently some degeneration going on w/my spine. And they're going to do an MRI on the knee.

I said "Hey! This is all supposed to be *better* because I've lost weight!"

We had a laugh, and I left with an Rx for the MRI. This isn't really unexpected, because back issues are common in my dad's side of the family. OTOH, I'd like to find a good way to get it under control so I can get back to Zumba and kickboxing.

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