Unbelievable, a DSer that actually got TOO much of something

Valerie G.
on 6/11/17 3:01 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

I had an interesting experience that I'm compelled to share with y'all. My zinc levels are always low, no matter what I try. I found a zinc/copper combination that made me very happy, and I've been taking it since it arrived. I also added one more zinc from my old supply for good measure. I usually take a double-dose and still have low levels, so maybe this third dose will finally start things going up.

For the last month, I've been having dizzy spells here and there. I haven't passed out, but blew it off because of my notoriously low BP all of my life, and just upped my salt intake like I usually do. I noticed that I've been a magnet to all things bugs. Now, living in the woods, it's bug season, so no big deal, but I was getting aggrevated that Hubs was getting off scott free as I'm starting to look like a chicken pocked child and itching like crazy. My new signature scent is Deet.

Two nights ago, I was assessing my spots on my chest and back and halfway down my arms and thought....maybe I AM getting chicken pox again. I don't feel crappy at all, just itchy and stoned on Benedryl. Hubs asked me what has changed in my routine. Eureka, the zinc! This happened mildly to me about 8 years ago. I didnt' make the connection this time because of bug season and living in the woods now. He looked up 'zinc rash' and the pics looked exactly like my back. I'm over-dosing on zinc and my body is reacting. The dizzy spells are also a key symptom. The next symptom was shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, which would have really freaked me out.

Treatment is Benedryl and possibly a steroid and of course, backing away from the zinc. I also learned that this occurs often from those sucking those zinc losenges during cold season, too. So, if my zinc is to be low, it's gonna be low, because I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Two days of no zinc and my spots are lessening but I'm still itchy. No dizzy spells in two days, though, so I consider that a win.

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on 6/11/17 3:17 pm
RNY on 04/18/17

REALLY great information! Thanks for sharing that.

Cathy H.
on 6/11/17 8:54 pm
VSG on 10/31/16

Wow, really glad you figured out the problem! I hope you're feeling all better soon!

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DS on 02/04/14

I'm really glad to hear that you're feeling better. I think it's very intuitive of you to notice the problem, focus in on the possible causes and resolve situation with a little effort. Attention to detail, impressive!!!

Valerie G.
on 6/13/17 10:22 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

One thing I've noticed in the 12 years I've had the DS, is that very little is actually relate to the DS, except that it may be more exaggerated or easier to pinpoint.

Things like this zinc issue. Yeah, I wouldn't be trying triple doses if I wasn't low on bloodwork, but given my struggle to raise my levels, I probably have always been low, just like with vitamin D. Not to forget that the common cause is normies sucking on those preventative zinc/vit C lozenges causing the same symptoms of dizziness and itchy rashes.

The other thing I notice right away is the moment my gut bacteria is out of whack. Many, wls and not, suffer bacterial imbalances in gut, but I'm more in tune with how my body acts nowadays.

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There is room on this earth for all of God's creatures..
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