MidLine Surgical Hernia Repair options

Jeff Waldrop
on 6/18/17 9:26 am - Westlake, LA

I have been opened "Full Open" four times, twice for intestinal surgery and twice for my RNY in Houston. 2nd opening was to repair punctured small bowel.

Anyway, I have a terrible incisional hernia. Looks like that Alien that jumped out the chest in the movie, Aliens. I plan to see a PCP in september for a referral for a surgeon thereafter. Does anyone have any experience with mesh for repair. Some yrs ago, a mesh was recalled.

I am 52 and roughly 200 lbs. -190 from all time high of 390.

I am two hours from Baton Rouge and 3 hours from Houston.

Jeff W Waldrop

Kristi T.
on 6/18/17 9:53 am - MT
VSG on 02/09/16

I had a bilateral hernia repair using mesh back in 2012 and have not had any problems with the mesh. My uncle had a incisional hernia repair back in the 90's using mesh and he has not had any problems either. I do see those class action law suit commercials frequently on T.V., but do not know of anyone personally that has had trouble:-)

Jeff Waldrop
on 6/18/17 3:35 pm - Westlake, LA

Thanks, Kristi

Jeff W Waldrop

CerealKiller Kat71
on 6/18/17 10:13 am
RNY on 12/31/13

I also lost over 200 pounds and had alien head coming from my mid-line... it was called an incisional hernia as well, but the surgeon actually ended up calling it an umbilical (despite the fact that it was higher and more midline). At it's worst, it was not only painful but was affecting my digestion, movement and ability to wear clothes without disgusting people. LOL.

Anyhow, mine was awful -- incarcerated bowel -- the whole works. I definitely needed mesh, and the surgeon used the newest form that he swore was absolutely the only kind he would use now. I completely trusted him -- he was the one who preformed my RNY at the Cleveland Clinic and was one of the main surgeons to repair abdominal surgical complications. He took cases that other surgeons wouldn't touch -- so I figured he knew what he was doing.

In any case, he was uncertain until he was in there if he would be able to do it lap -- as it turned out, the hernia was even worse than he expected and I had two additional small ones that he fixed (one with mesh, the other with stitch repair) while he was in there. Amazingly, he was still able to do it lap. The surgery took hours longer than originally planned, and the recovery was unpleasant. However, the results have been nothing but amazing.

I was terrified about the mesh. I had stupidly read a lot of scary things before the surgery -- something I tend to do despite knowing it's pretty unhelpful (ask me about the last month of pregnancy and reading about delivery complications, for example!). However, I followed all the post-op rules about lifting, etc -- and I haven't had a single problem with the mesh. In fact, I love the fact that my insides don't feel like they are falling out -- and the mesh gave me abdominal tightness that is appreciated. I have had absolutely no problems or issues with it.

Hope this helps!!

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Jeff Waldrop
on 6/18/17 3:37 pm - Westlake, LA

Kat, I appreciate you sharing your experience. I have many questions but I will save for surgeon. ð?'¨???

Jeff W Waldrop

on 6/18/17 5:07 pm

I had a small (umbilical) hernia repaired with mesh. I had a reaction to that particular mesh, and the start of an infection.

Just short of a year out, I needed a revision. They removed the first mesh and replaced it with one that was non-metallic (I think that's the right word), and less irritating. No problems with the new mesh.

I'm apparently very sensitive. My body also tries to dislodge surgical staples, and gets itchy around IV ports. I don't think those are common occurrences.

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* Nicole *
on 6/20/17 2:41 am

Sounds like you have metal allergies. I know as I do, including stainless and gold. Blood draws burn, my veins "blow" in under 24hrs with a metal IVs, but will last a few days with the plastic (my body eventually hates anything foregin). I have to have skin staples out within 4 days or it gets infected and my body will force the staples out itself.

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on 6/19/17 2:57 pm

I have had so many open surgeries I needed mesh too. It's been 6 years and I know the mesh is there. Not pain, just know it's there but no choice. Beats a hernia. I have had 3