RE: Excercise

on 8/11/18 12:02 pm
VSG on 12/11/17

The best thing I have found is my Fitbit, it tracks what I do every moment. I also have started walking and doing planks which are super hard.

I track everything through My Fitness pal and we burn calories even when were cleaning our house so track that. It's amazing how much just moving helps with losing weight. I am 8 months post op today. Spread Kindness like glitter and be nice to people LezetteChristineMua

on 8/11/18 11:07 pm
VSG on 01/12/17

I love my Fitbit, but I do not trust calories burnt. I have a chest strap I use that I do trust. A rule of thumb I sometimes go by if I am wanting to use fitbits calories burned is to cut the amount of calories it says in half. That's a better estimate, imo. Overall I love that it keeps me moving since I do the step goal every hour. Especially love seeing how active I am on my work days.