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Okay so as stated in my first post, I haven't had any type of wls yet but am just gathering info and gaining support from these forums. Thanks everyone for any replies even though I haven't made the decision to have surgery yet. Something I'm very freaked out about is the fact that I get up in the middle of the night almost nightly and go eat food! It may be 2am, 3am and I'm half asleep. Doesn't matter weather I'm hungry or not. At the moment I'm eating healthier and will sabotage an entire day by getting up in the middle of the night and eating all kinds of junk! Does anyone have any experience with this? Any knowledge or reply related to the subject is certainly welcome.

Amy R.
on 9/2/18 9:00 pm

At 10 years+ post op WLS, it would be reckless for me to speculate on what is causing you (a non-OP) to experience night eating. Our guts are basically 99.9% different.

Anecdotally some doctors treat waking at 3:00ish am as a sign of depression. Or it could just be that you inadvertently established eating in the middle of the night as a habit and your body has been conditioned to no longer sleep through until morning. You could also have some as-yet undiagnosed medical problem.

The point is, it's pretty much always best to run questions like this through your doctor first. We're good at many things around here and we generally want to help. But a diagnosis of any kind should come from a medical professional.

Good luck in your deciding about the surgery and also in getting some medical attention if necessary.

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Ambien eating is a real thing.

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Have you ever had a sleep study done?

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I assume you're a nurse? Have you ever worked the overnight shift? Maybe your body is used to eating on a schedule from that shift? It's hard to readjust once you've been in that pattern for a while.

also-do you have the option of not keeping junk in the house? That way when you go seeking- you won't be able to.

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Thank you for all the replies. I have talked about it with a counselor before. She didnt really specialize in eating issues however. I am a nurse and I have worked nightshift in the past. This has been going on for years with me. I think it may be habit. I've read about some disorders linked to this behavior. I just wanted to know if anyone had experienced this and how WLS impacted their experience with it afterward. I don't take any sleeping meds. Lol. I have removed peanut butter and pancake syrup and dry cereal from my cabinet. Last night it was several bites of left over veggie soup and 2 slices of cheese. So wierd. It's like my inhibitions are lowered in the middle of the night. I appreciate the replies even though I haven't had the surgery. I hope that no one finds my questions annoying if I use these forums for support to see if I can lose weight and get healthy while deciding if I'm going through with surgery in my future.