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Marie M.
on 12/6/18 7:51 pm - PA
VSG on 09/13/11 with

Hey guys,

i had VSG in 2011 and now have been revised to RNY. How do I fix my ticker? The weight strip with the little scale is correct. How do I change that to show my current weight loss? Also, underneath my ticker is my weight loss stats by month, which is also from 2011. How do I fix that? I have like zero computer skills

 Age: 50    Ht: 5' 3.5"    SW: 261   BMI: 45.5    CW: 119.4   BMI: 20.8   Goal in 9.5 months   (23.6  lbs below goal)   Total lost:  141.6 lbs   Inches lost:  84.25"
  Month one: 22.2 lbs;  Month 2:  17.4 lbs;   Month 3: 11 lbs;  Month 4: 13 lbs;  Month 5: 11.4 lbs;  Month 6: 9.2 lbs;   Month 7: 13.2 lbs;  Month 8: 9 lbs;  Month 9: 10.2 lbs;   Month 10:  3.6 lbs:   Month 11:   7.6 lbs   Month 12:  5.8 lbs                                    

Kathy S.
on 12/7/18 5:36 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

Hi Marie,

I will try and explain it here but if you have time call me and I would be glad to walk you through the steps. Click the gear icon * and then Health Tracker. When you add your current weight (assuming you want to keep your starting weight the same) it will update.

To get rid of the other stuff, click the gear icon *, settings, message board. There you will see all that appears on your signature area. Back out or delete what you don't want and then click the save button at the bottom. This action will delete it.

Again, if you have any problems let me know. PM me, email me [email protected] and or call me at the number above.



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