Post-Holiday Reset anyone? AMAW/CAMAW?

on 12/28/18 4:51 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Morning everyone! We have been discussing restarting our plans on the RNY Menu thread and I thought that I'd widen the call to join in a Post-Holiday Reset aka AMAW/CAMAW week plus. Whether you have gotten off track over the last few weeks, just need to refocus on your goals or you're struggling with significant weight regain, as we all know from the experience of REAL people here on OH, being protein-forward is what works! Let's join together to support each other and be accountable in getting back to plan, kicking those nasty carbs to the curb and getting those pounds off!

I've never run an AMAW/CAMAW week, so I'd really like to have a co-leader(s) who has some experience. I'll start a thread each day in the RNY Forum where people can post their plan, their struggles and changes they've made. I had thought we could start on Jan. 1, but several folks wanted to get started before that, so let's go!

I also wanted to open things to folks who don't do a strict AMAW or CAMAW, but are equally motivated to make a healthier plan and stick to it. Let's make the challenge for a week after January 1 -- Tuesday, January 8. Go ahead and start today, even if you've already started your meals today. When you start, post your goals (whether they be pounds to lose, grams/percentage of protein, etc.), if you'd like post your starting weight and inches and let's get started! Since I am a true believer in exercise and moving your body, I'd also like to add that you can take a step challenge, plank challenge or whatever gets you out there and moving!

Here's to healthier living as we head into a new year!


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on 12/28/18 7:58 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I'm going to do the "back to basics" route. Our company isn't leaving until tomorrow and New Year's Day will be a challenge (all day party - my aim that day is to make good choices and not overeat), but I'll really knuckle down on the other days in between as well as Jan 2-8. I'm now up to 154.3 - (4.3 lbs in the last week and 1.3 lbs up since yesterday!). Most of it has got to be water, but still... my "oh crap" weight is 150, so this is awful! My goal is to get back down to under 150 again.

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Gwen M.
on 12/29/18 8:44 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I've enjoyed my indulgences on vacation this week and I'm definitely looking forward to my normal way of eating when I get back home tomorrow. Not a reset, just resuming life as normal. :)

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on 12/30/18 11:07 am
VSG on 04/27/15

Your post caught my eye - New Year, new goals etc :) I am going to return to eating normally (normal for us!). I have gained back 50 pounds from my lowest after surgery and instead of being depressed about it, I am going back to basics too.

Cheers to getting back on track!! Happy New year!


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on 1/4/19 1:51 am - Fontana, Ca
RNY on 04/29/16 with

Hi Janet! I don't know what AMAW/CAMAW stand for but I am planning a reset soon, however I am just getting over a horrific stomache flu so I need to get healthy first!!

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