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on 1/1/19 4:04 pm - Canada

ive finished all my appointment and now I'm going to meet the surgeon what happens at that appointment and when do you get your surgery date ?

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You'll get more responses in the Canada (Ontario) forum, but for me:

  • Meet the surgeon and you can ask questions
  • Filled out a medical questionnaire
  • Order your Optifast or Slim Time and get instructions
  • Book for pre-admission appointment
  • Get referred to other clinics if needed (I had to go to the Thombosis clinic due to previous history of blood clots) based on the medical questionnaire
  • Get medical forms(possibly labs) to be completed by your family doctor
  • Get your surgery date (less than 3 months from that date)

If they don't book your pre-admission appointment right there, they'll usually book it within the week.

I am having my surgery at that hospital on Friday. When I had my meet the surgeon appointment, it became real.

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on 1/1/19 6:06 pm - Canada

Hope everything goes well with surgery who your doctor keep me posted im so excited to meet the surgeon and thank you very much for all that info

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Hi threelilbugs41

Here is the link VioletFemme was speaking of. Click and it will take you to the Ontario forum. If you need help with anything else, please let me know You can click my avatar and send me a message or email at [email protected] or [email protected]

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on 1/3/19 4:42 pm
RNY on 01/18/19

I am scheduled to have surgery at the same hospital on January 18th. When I met my surgeon I was able ask any questions and we booked a surgery date. Because of the holidays mine was a bit further out than usual (apparently) my meet the surgeon appointment was beginning of December and my surgery isn't until January 19th. But it was ok for me! Everything became real and I also had to do 3 weeks of optifast that thankfully started AFTER Christmas!!

Good luck and post updates!

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