Getting to know you....getting to know all about you (2019 edition)

on 1/9/19 12:16 pm
RNY on 02/12/18 with

I am replying late but I haven't had time to read through the boards lately...I do love reading everyone's posts though!

1. if it's not obvious by my screen name, I am an artist. I do mainly portraiture (people and pets) for commission because that's what people want and will pay for, but I love making any/all kinds of art and I plan to start making more time for it this year (that's my non-weight loss related NY resolution for 2019). I spent a lot of time focusing on my health last year and that was what I needed to do...but my art is my mental therapy and it makes me feel proud and accomplished when I actually spend the time to finish a piece. I forget sometimes when I go through "dry spells" how much I love it.
I don't get to do it for a living, unfortunately since I have never been good at marketing myself and I don't do well will stress...but I enjoy it as a freelance/part-time gig, knowing I can choose when and what jobs to take. It satisfies my need to still be able to call myself a professional artist without turning my passion into something I might come to dislike.
I've posted a couple of my drawings in the past but if anyone is ever interested (I know there are a lot of pet lovers here haha)...feel free to send me a message or ask to see other examples!

2. I am so happy I discovered this site and have gotten involved in the daily menu thread- not only is it nice to be able to see what other people (who are successful) in different stages of their WLS journey are eating and doing, but also so nice to have a community of support and accountability. I have a monthly support group I try to go to when I am available through my Bariatric surgery center, but it just seems somehow less personal which is so weird considering this is the internet LOL...I think since i come here almost daily, I feel like I get to know people a little better though. I want to continue making it a priority to post on the menu thread and keep myself accountable for as long as I can. I know it will help me stay on track...I know everyone's biggest fears are losing all the weight only to gain it back again, and I just want to do everything I can to help me reach my goals and maintain successfully.

I also hope to become closer friends with some of you and form real relationships outside of just OH. feel free to add me as a friend here and we can PM and share other social media contact info! (I also have a FB page dedicated to my Art if anyone wants to check it out - Amber D'Angelo Art...but I haven't logged into it in a long time because i forgot the password LOL).

Thanks for the great thread Jen!

RNY 2/12/18
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on 1/10/19 3:02 am
RNY on 02/14/18

The artwork you've shared has been amazing, you are so talented!

HW: 306 SW: 282 CW:144.8 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19), next goal - 132.9


on 1/10/19 12:06 pm
VSG on 11/20/18

One thing about me

I love learning new things. I watch documentaries, browse the web, and read books. Basically, I'm an information junky. My mind is FULL of useless, random facts that have little relevance. Subsequently, I can't remember a darned thing that I'm supposed to do sometimes. Hard Drive is FULL. As a result, my kids treat me like I'm Google! They get annoyed when I make them look something up or don't know the weird, obscure thing they're asking.

What I want out of the forum in 2019

The first time I tried to lose weight, my hubris told me I didn't need other, more experienced people because I knew about dieting and eating. Boy, I was a fool. This time around, I'm reaching out to community for encouragement, advice, and reality checking. So far, it's been amazing.

on 1/10/19 5:16 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

you sound like the perfect librarian! (I was one for many years - I'm retired now)

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

Plastic Surgery 08/10/18 and 03/29/19 by Lawrence Zachary (Chicago, IL)

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on 1/11/19 9:35 am
RNY on 02/14/18

That is excellent -- I am the google for my friends and family; but its only the most useless facts that stick to my brain, lol.

HW: 306 SW: 282 CW:144.8 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19), next goal - 132.9


on 1/13/19 10:54 am

I joined up for a friend of mine who is keen on loosing weight but does not seem to have the right kind of motivation..we have been talking about this for the last 2 yrs and am hoping that 2019 will be the year he will take up the mantle and go for it..he is obese by about 40lbs ..i believe that is quite a lot..hopefully he will get some testimonies..comfort from people in the same situation and work on it.

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