PCOS and long-term WLS success

on 2/11/19 7:17 pm

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I am new to this site; like many of the stories I have read here I too have the same issues. PCOS... My main issue is the weight. I workout with a trainer 2 times a week and 3 additional days of cardio and have done every diet available and still can't lose a lb. I am considering WLS.... I am curious, I had an OB gyn tell me years back that WLS is effective the first couple of year for PCOS patients but long-term the hormones come back and most of her patients regain the weight. I am hoping you all can prove this wrong. I want to hear the long term successes! Thank you!

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I have something very similar to PCOS and my surgeon recommended the DS as it had been shown to have better long-term results for staying at or near goal. When you look for a WLS surgeon, look for one that offers all the surgeries you'd like to look at. IF the DS makes your list, make sure they have been doing them a while and see what method they use, but even before then do your research on the 3 most common one: VSG, RNY, & DS. Know what's involved pre and post op, understand what you are getting yourself into. Lots of research... lots. And not just this site, find more.

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There are MANY reasons why patients regain weight in the long run-- the biggest are diet fatigue and non-compliance with the recommended eating habits. Hormones may certainly play a factor, but I'm under the impression that long-term success or failure with WLS is largely under our own control.

I believe there are many people here who've been successful with their WLS despite a PCOS diagnosis, hopefully some of them will chime in with their experiences!

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RNY on 05/03/18

While I personally don't have any experience with PCOS, my daughters daycare teacher is getting the DS (duodenal switch) and she has it. She said she chose the DS because it has been proven to be one of the most successful surgeries in address PCOS related symptoms, including long term weight loss. According to her, the success rates DS patients with PCOS are no different than the success rates of DS patients without PCOS.

I would do a little more research, obviously, but this is what I have heard.

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