Pools/gyms for morbidly obese person

on 4/9/19 1:52 pm

I'm looking for any suggestions for a comfortable pool in Denver for someone who is obese. My brother is open to just walking in a pool but would not be comfortable going to a place where he thinks people may stare at him. He lives n southeast Denver. Are there any hospital based programs that may have a pool for this situation?

Citizen Kim
on 4/9/19 3:40 pm - Castle Rock, CO

Where in South Denver? I'm in Castle Rock and the Rec Center pool during the day would be good for him.

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on 4/9/19 7:28 pm

Thanks Kim. He lives near I25 and Hampden right in Denver. He would not travel that far, but thanks for your response.

on 4/10/19 6:15 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Maybe call Swedi****hink that's the closest hospital/medical facility to that area. There's also the Denver Rec Centers; it looks like Eisenhower Rec Center is closest to that area. I took swimming classes at the local rec center in my 30s and there were people of all sizes, shapes and it was very welcoming/non judgmental. I think Rec Centers can be a very good place to start!

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on 4/9/19 7:52 pm
DS on 11/01/14
on 4/9/19 8:45 pm

If you cannot find a hospital pool, I would highly recommend a YMCA pool, especially during midday water walking. It took a few years of regular encouragement from my dietitian before I got up the nerve to go and when I did I was so surprised because those of us who are obese far outnumbered the thin folks. After a few times, I never felt self-conscious again, even at 350 lbs, 50 BMI. I hope he goes, it is so enjoyable and I regret the years I did not have the courage to try it.

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on 4/10/19 11:12 am

I will call Swedish (where I worked many years ago!) and do some more research.

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on 4/10/19 11:30 am
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What about 24 Hour Fitness? There's one on Alameda Ave. in Denver with a pool that is open at all hours. If he's worried about being stared at, he could go late in the evening when the gym is likely to be less crowded.

Semi-related thought: my husband is also nervous about people staring at him in the pool. I got him a rashguard to wear in the pool along with his swim trunks (basically a shirt made of swimsuit material) and it really helped his confidence a lot. Maybe that would help?

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on 4/10/19 11:51 am

Good idea. Thanks. Where did you find a very large rash guard? I have seen them in Land's End catalogs etc but doubt they have anything that would fit him.