Nutracelle Giveaway Extravaganza: Over $1,600 Worth of Prizes!

Kathy S.
on 4/11/19 6:23 am - InTheBurbs, XX
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Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 4/11/19 8:14 am
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This looks like a lovely giveaway, but I'm very skeptical of a LOT of the claims that this company makes. There are a ton of medical claims about this product, but I see zero research to back it up.

They claim that their multivitamin-- which doesn't seem to contain anything different from any other multi-- "specifically aids in metabolizing fats and carbohydrates." (Link) It claims that they can "stabilize your blood sugars and increase your weight loss." (Link) Doesn't that sound like so many crash diets we all went on before WLS?

I am INCREDIBLY skeptical of the other health claims on this site, such as those made here. Specifically, it claims to "reduce hair loss after weight loss surgery," which is pretty much impossible; nutrition has not been shown to have ANY impact on telogen effluvia as far as I'm aware. I am also very concerned about the claim that this "has been shown to have benefits for depression," which may prevent a patient with mental health issue from seeking LEGITIMATE treatment.

The owner claims that this will "reduce your risk of complications." While I'm sure that sticking to a liquid diet per your surgeon's instructions is the way to do that, I'm SUPER uncomfortable with the suggestion that it's something unique to this product.

"Nutracelle's Prebiotic Fiber is so powerful it can naturally DOUBLE the number of good bacteria in your gut every 20 minutes - far more than is possible with a probiotic supplement." (Source) If that's physically possible, I'm sure it would be a groundbreaking discovery. So why don't I see anything about that possibility in the medical literature?

The fearmongering about other protein sources is pretty ridiculous. (Link) Yes, antibiotics are legal for use in farming--- but that doesn't mean they're used all the time. (I once asked a farmer about it, she said they're crazy expensive and it would be a waste of money to treat all their animals who aren't sick!) This company talks about misrepresentation of protein numbers, but offers NO evidence that their own product has been tested to contain as much as the label said.

Skepticism aside-- I had to dig to find any nutrition information on the protein shakes, because they're not available on the website (as far as I could find). Though the site advertises only 2g net carbs, this list claims 14g carb per serving; if a patient is following Nutricelle's directions and doing multiple shakes per day, they'd likely be over the amount of carbs recommended by their surgical team.

Bottom line? I'm glad that OH is doing a giveaway, but I'm concerned about the MANY unsubstantiated health claims of this product. Primarily, I'm worried about the marketing spin that says this is the best way to lose regain or maintain goal weight, when most folks seem to agree that following a non-liquid diet is a much more sensible way to do so.

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on 4/11/19 6:38 pm

Sparklekitty, I wish everyone had your scientific literacy. I am a fan!

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Thank you for doing all the legwork for us. I'm surprised OH is sponsoring this product.

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on 4/12/19 6:05 am
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I did find the nutritional information on the website but you are right it was not an easy find. I basically had to click the - buy now - button on the individual product and then they had photos. But if you go to the supposed -shop- area individual items are not there.

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Gina 17 Yrs and Still

on 4/12/19 6:51 am - Burleson , TX

Thank you, for taking the time, and energy, to BRING THE SCIENCE !!

The giveaways are generous, but the product prices, themselves are too high, for what you get, IMHO

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The Salty Hag
on 4/12/19 7:10 am
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Good point, Gina. The prices are pretty ridiculous AND you have to order packages? Forget that. Lemme just drive to Vitamin Shoppe or GNC and get something I know and trust and doesn't require dipping into my savings if I'm really in dire need of protein powder. I almost feel bad for people who have actually spent money on the products.

It's really no different or better than any of the myriad of other protein shakes/powders out there. The stats aren't as good as say...Isopure Zero Carb or Jay Robb protein powders. Nutracelle isn't even all whey protein isolate.

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