Revision on Tuesday

on 4/20/19 2:52 pm

After 10 years with a Realize Band, I am having it removed and revising to a VSG on Tuesday morning.

i was very successful with the band for the first 6 years or so ... and maintained a 130 pound weight loss.

over the last 4 years, I have had reflux issues and regained about 50 pounds.

My band has slipped and there is really no protocol for repair since bands are not done anymore.

I got to live my 50's in a healthy body, thanks to the band and now plan to live my 60's and beyond with the revision.

Can't wait to be back on the losers bench in a few days!!


on 4/20/19 3:18 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

Congratulations! Given that you have problems with reflux, I am surprised that they're doing a VSG rather than RNY, but I assume you've spoken to your surgeon about that.

on 4/20/19 8:29 am

Actually, once we took 3 cc of fluid out of the band, the reflux is gone. About a month with no symptoms at all.

thanks for the support!!L


on 4/20/19 8:36 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

That's great the reflux is gone. You should do great with the VSG.

Marti P.
on 4/22/19 8:58 pm - San Jose, CA
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I have something similar going on. My realize band was almost full. The previous person filled it and then left. It took me more than a year and a half to finally tire of throwing up every other week, so I finally complained. Two weeks ago .9 was taken out. I feel like I have a new lease on life. There is no restriction at all. I inquired late last week about putting a little back in and got the reply that they wanted to wait a month before making a decision. It was such a relief to eat broccoli and other foods again. I was afraid I was going to lose my band. Good luck with your upcoming surgery!!


Amy R.
on 4/21/19 8:39 am

"bands are not done anymore"

I hadn't heard this. It's good news for sure and I knew they weren't doing as many as they did 10 years ago but I didn't know they weren't done at all anymore? Or is it your surgeon's office that just doesn't do them?

IMO, someone who has been successful with a band can pretty much have success with any surgery.

Good luck with your revision; I'm glad you're getting that thing out of there. =)

on 4/21/19 11:10 am
VSG on 02/13/19

At my wls program the surgeon told us no one does it anymore. But then I have read of some people still considering it on this forum so I am not sure.



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Amy R.
on 4/22/19 7:27 am

Yep that's my experience as well. I'm interested to see what Kath says too because if I remember correctly she's a long term member here who was (relatively) happy with her band. =)

on 4/22/19 9:18 am

Hey, Amy --- yes, I was very happy with my band for over 7 years.

Life got busy (I became a foster parent at age 58 and began raising babies!! Can you believe it!!!)

I probably stopped paying enough attention to how and what I eat -- and I gained some weight. I probably should have gotten some fluid out of my band, but I ignored the discomfort and kept changing diapers.

I have a pretty significant slip -- and it is helped by fluid removal, but nothing is going to 'fix' it. In my mind, I can try to live with this -- and fight the weight gain without fluid -- or I can suck it up and get the band out and revise.

When I first got my band, we thought it was a 'lifetime' device -- and now that we know better -- and figure it will have to come out at some point - then why put it off -- my health is only likely to get worse and not better on its own -- so do the surgery while I am in good shape and let it help me remove the excess weight and get a 'do-over'.

I'm not sorry that I had my band 10 years ago -- but like Maya Angelou said, "when we know better, we can do better:.


Amy R.
on 4/22/19 9:35 am

Isn't it amazing how very much things have changed in the last 10 years?

Totally understand why you're just going ahead and having it taken out now. I would imagine there's a credible threat of having it break apart or erode if it's just left sitting in there. There's not a doubt in my mind that you'll have complete success with your revision and I hope your recovery is an easy one.