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I've been watching several years. Who pays for their relocation and surgery? is the show rigged?




on 4/20/19 4:16 pm

Great question!!! I been wondering too!!!

I love watching the show but I wish the doctor would have then see a therapist and a nutritionist regularly like weekly at the beginning after he does his consultation

bcuz the ppl are losing 300 plus pounds and I think it makes so much sense not 6 months after


on 4/20/19 9:10 pm
VSG on 02/13/19

I have been watching for years as well and I have come to the conclusion that anything medically related is paid for by the show. Any travel and/or living expenses fall on the patient. There has been past patients who have come under criticism for having a GoFundMe for traveling/living expenses and they were one of the people who pretty much blew the entire 12months..not following the doctors orders..etc. In regards to it being rigged..There has been past patients who have come out and said they sometimes re-shoot things that happened because they didn't get it on camera the first time. So it's definitely not 100% reality. Also not sure if you noticed but there is things the patients do on the show that is like identical to other patients..Like the reading of the quotes..Or the making the trip to the grocery store...all part of the script that the show has them follow. Even the beginning of each episode where they show them wake up for the first time..then disrobing to take a shower/and or use the bathroom. Like I highly doubt the camera team was waiting in their bedroom the entire time for them to wake up lol.



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on 4/22/19 8:41 am

Have you tried "Googling" the question?

I don't know, but I think they may get paid by the TV station per episode or per month as they go through the 12 month program. Most likely they are on some sort of government program, disabilities, medical insurance, etc.

The show is in a way exploiting the SMO, and some are desperate to get on a show.

I can only imagine that the TV may have more people willing to do almost anything to be on a show.

Some of the people and their stories are heart-breaking. But with so many seasons this program is being aired, you may think that some of them should know they would be asked to follow diet and lose weight before they can get surgery. I wonder if the producers overselling the "WLS surgery effects".

BTW: this show implied that in USA only Dr Now is able to treat people, over 600 lbs. Apparently this isn't so. There are a couple of other shows, kind of spin-offs, that shows doc in Atlanta GA, that can operate on SMO patients . Looking on YouTube, I think there also is a doc in North east that can help people like that.

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Hi Eve,

I googled and found this for you.

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Thank you Kathy, the article was very informative.