new motivator-U-tube

on 5/12/19 5:26 pm

i watch alot of u-tube and recently i have been watching this well show staring this obese lady who calls herself "pink fairy" all she does is shop and eat the wrong stuff, stuff that if i ate i would gain a ton of weight. i mean i don't know whether to laugh or cry when i watch this but it is a very good motivator for me to keep exercising and watching what i eat. has anyone else out there seen this show and any comments? i mean she does remind me of what i was like before i had gastric bypass surgery. i mean it is so sad. thanks everyone for your support.

on 5/13/19 5:13 am

I don't know about her but I've been obsessing watching u tube videos of vsgers and that has helped me. My surgery day is tomorrow!

on 5/13/19 5:38 am

good luck! for me having the weight loss surgery was the best decision that i have ever made. today i am 8 months post op and have lost 134 lbs. just do what your doctor says and hang in there. sending good thoughts your way.

on 5/14/19 7:16 am
RNY on 10/17/17

Prayers for tomorrow. Know you are probably nervous but believe me, you won't regret the surgery in the long term!!!

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Liz J.
on 5/13/19 12:22 pm - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

Now I'm going to have to find this so I can watch her...

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Kathy S.
on 5/14/19 4:37 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

We do really strange things with food, weight loss and such. I remember when I came home after surgery I was obsessed with watching the Food Network. How cruel and messed up is that

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diane S.
on 5/20/19 11:59 am

Watching Food Network is like watching a horror movie for me! LOL ds

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Kathy S.
on 5/20/19 12:02 pm - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

My husband thought I had lost my mind

HW:330 - GW:150 - MW:118-125

RW:190 - CW:130