depression after surgery

Liz J.
on 5/16/19 9:21 am - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

Depression is real after surgery and weight-loss. I've joined this site plus a few Facebook groups and it's helped a lot. I'm also on medication and go and talk with someone a few times a month.

As far and the "Food Pushers" go, I just say " No thank you..." if they pu**** I push back and honestly it feels good! It's taken me a while to do that, I think I was 2 years out the first time, so just about 6 months ago. You'll get there, just give it time.

For support, you can come here any time and post. I go to different groups for support. I had the DS but post on RNY meal post daily because it helps.

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on 5/16/19 10:56 am
RNY on 10/17/17

Counseling is a good, good idea.

Find groups to be involved in and if it turns out that how you eat is an issue, unjoin. I'm single and a loner but do stay involved with several ministries and church. I haven't had a lot of problems with depression but my anxiety has increased, not sure why. May be the changes in my life, getting ready to retire.

If you aren't exercising, do so. It will increase your serotonin levels etc. and I know, when I'm feeling anxious, etc. once I exercise, I feel emotionally better also. Find ways to stay busy, i.e. volunteer at a hospital, join a food drive group, etc. Learn to play bridge.

Ignore your ex, he's probably jealous, it happens. LOL, my sister is wonderful. She tells me I'm too skinny and how proud of me she is in the same breath. Stop explaining why you eat the way you do. If someone asks, just say, I've lost a lot of weight and I'm trying to eat in a healthy way. If they ask how you lost the weight, say by living a healthy lifestyle. That's all anyone needs to know and the only reason they need to know is because they may need to change their lifestyle too.

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on 5/17/19 8:38 am
VSG on 05/28/19

I am so sorry you are feeling so alone right now. Everyone here knows just how real your struggle is and we support you. It's good that you are reaching out and trying to find someone to talk to. Please don't give up. You are not alone in your fight. I hope that the help you need is on the way and quickly. It sucks that your ex was so unsupportive but I suspect the people that say this is the easy way out are either ignorant or they are jealous because they haven't reached the point where they have said enough. Remember not everyone feels they have it in them to fight this fight. You have won this battle and you are continuing to win every day. Hang in there. Things will get better I promise.

diane S.
on 5/20/19 11:57 am

Many of us think weight loss will make our lives perfect but of course it doesn't. There are many therapists who will do counseling over Skype (actually a different more secure software) and it works pretty well. Ditto phone counseling. Hope you can get some help. Helping others also makes one feel good. Maybe you could help some of the obese elderly people in you complex. DS

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