Re-Sleeve as an option.

on 5/23/19 3:55 pm

Anyone have a re-sleeve experience that they can share?

I had a gastric sleeve done but the weight loss stopped exactly 4 months after having the proceedure. I am at the 12 month post-proceedure mark and am having challenges, I watch very carefully what I eat and excercise regularly but have not been able to re-start the weight loss again. I am aways very very hungry and am far from losing what I thought I would lose.

I have no clue why the weight loss stopped after 4 months.

I am looking at re-sleeve as an option to help me reach my optimal weight and would love to know:

  1. Is re-sleeve a viable option
  2. Recommendations for doctors that re-sleeve
  3. Viable locations that offer the re-sleeve
  4. Pricing

Thank you!

Mama Bear

Kathy S.
on 5/24/19 5:48 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

Hi Mama Bear

I did not have a re-sleeve but suggest you try posting on these two forums to reach out to those that may have the surgery.

VSG Forum


Keep us posted on how you are doing

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on 5/24/19 6:39 am

Thank you Kathy!

on 5/24/19 7:00 am
RNY on 05/03/18

Hello Mama Bear and Welcome!

I agree with Kathy, you may find more personalized experiences in the VSG and/or Revision forums. However, while you're doing that, I'd also encourage you to rule out some other easily looked over (and common) reasons why the weight loss may have stopped early.

I know you stated that you watch what you eat very carefully, so;

1) How many calories do you eat per day? A lot of people can only lose on 600 - 800

2) How many grams of carbs do you eat per day? Most find that the fewer carbs they eat, the easier it is to lose

3) How many grams of protein do you eat per day? I was always told you need a minimum of 60 grams but should shoot for around 100 g

Unfortunately from what I've seen, revisions done purely to achieve additional weight loss don't have nearly as good results as anyone would like.

I wish you the best of luck and truly hope you find the best solution for your situation.

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Mary Gee
on 5/24/19 8:24 am - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

Do you still have restriction? Test it by eating chicken breast...if you get full before finishing, your sleeve is still working and revision won't do you any good. Haven't heard of anyone getting revision to same surgery (vsg to revised vsg or rny to revised rny).

Are you diligently following the basic guidelines: less than 800 calories, no more than 40 grams of carbohydrates and at least 65 grams of protein, and at very least 64 ounces of water?

Are you weighing and measuring, and tracking/journaling your meals?

I stopped losing weight for a long time....didn't gain, didn't lose. Because I was not following guidelines consistently. I went to surgeon's office and am finally following protocols and losing weight.

I think your best best is to talk to your surgeon. Have an honest conversation and come up with a plan. Revision isn't always the answer. And, as mentioned above, revision does not generally work as well as the initial surgery.

Best of luck to you.


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Willie H.
on 6/13/19 7:43 am

No to be discouraging and perhaps my situation id different but I had the VSG 8/26/14. I always thought I would get down to my Army weight of about 200 lbs but I never even came close. I stopped losing weight around the 14 month mark and no matter what i do=cut calories, carbs, more protein, exercise-it looks like I just cannot get below 247lbs. Right now I'm at 252. Of course I came from about 350 lbs so I appreciate that.

It's been 5 years now and while I have basically maintained the weight loss it just appears my body will not go much lower, and as I've said- BELIEVE me I've tried all that was suggested-calorie counting, low-carb, watching liquid calories, high-protein,weight training, etc. This is the weight I came out of high school at which appears to be my set point-but I'll keep trying to get down to at least 225 lbs! As I said, it's been 5 years now!

4 months is pretty early so your body is still adjusting. I remember coming online just 6 months after surgery wondering why my weight loss stopped but it was only temporary, eventually it started again. I think it is after the 2 years mark where we really have to put in the work to lose and even maintain. All in all I've lost about 100 lbs. At my then current weight I think I was told the sleeve would help with about 80 of those pounds, the rest is on us. It appears that those who've done Gastric Bypass have been more successful as far as large weight loss??

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