Hiatal hernia and GERD

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 5/24/19 1:38 pm
VSG on 12/10/13

Hi all, I've been having severe GERD for quite a while now and my surgeon suspects a hiatal hernia (will confirm with testing next week). The surgeon said it's basically my choice whether to do just a hernia repair, or to repair the hernia and do an RNY at the same time.

Has anyone been in this situation and had their GERD resolved with just the hernia repair? My sleeve works just fine and I think I'd prefer to stick with the simpler surgery if it will resolve the problem. But I'd hate to do the hernia, still have trouble, and end up needing a second surgery to revise down the road.


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White Dove
on 5/24/19 1:47 pm

It makes sense to me to do the repair and see what happens. While there could be a good outcome with RNY there is always more risk of complications with more extensive surgery. You are currently so healthy and active and I want to see you stay that way.

I realize that this is still theory

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on 5/25/19 8:37 am
VSG on 11/20/18

I had hernia repair plus sleeve and while my heartburn is significantly improved it still persists. That said, according to studies I've read, people with bypass still get heartburn, albeit at lower rates than sleevers.

It would suck to convert and still have reflux. good luck

on 5/26/19 10:16 am

I had a revision to bypass and a hernia reduction. I don't know why my surgeon did not do a full repair. I still have some GERD, but it is much better than it was. I went from 4 PPI's a day to 1-2. I do have to be very careful what I eat. Nothing spicy or anything with tomato sauce.

I put off the surgery for quite some time. I really did not want bypass. I liked my sleeve and pyloric valve. I had concerns about malabsorption and other issues I had never experienced with the sleeve.

I could know longer put it off as I was coughing and gasping at night. My surgeon warned that the acid was infiltrating my lungs.

I had my surgery in November 2018. It was a tough recovery and I had some complications that had nothing to do with the bypass. I am doing okay now. It was not a cure all for me.

I was not offered the repair only. If I had it to do over, I would try that first.

Wishing you all the best.