excited but somewhat apprehensive

on 6/20/19 10:04 am

i am 9 months post op, have lost 145 lbs as of today. have an initial consult with the plastic surgeon on tuesday which i am somewhat apprehensive about. the situation has gotten so severe that something needs to be done. i have alot of loose skin on upper thighs and bottom that has been peeling for past 4 months, then skin weeps, has sores on it, is red like a 2nd degree burn. it is to the point that i am in alot of pain, it hurts like hell to just sit. i have tried antibiotics, putting stuff on it like A&D ointment & i use body wash that does not have a smell to it. the doctor that i am going to specializes in this type of thing and i went to him 19 yrs ago for a breast reduction so i trust him but still there is some anxiety. has anyone else had this issue before? medicare will pay for plastic surgery if it is medically necessary but i hope i have a good case. because this doctor is hard to get into i have had to wait 4 months for an appt. wish me luck everyone

White Dove
on 6/20/19 1:19 pm

Taking pictures will help with getting the surgery paid for. Sounds like you have the right doctor who will know how to help. Good luck and keep us posted.

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on 6/20/19 4:50 pm - Irvine, CA

Take photos of your skin irritations and rashes, the surgeon will do so for you if they are apparent at the time of the consult. Document the impact that the excess skin (and rashes) have on your daily life and being able to manage the day to day activities due to pain and irritation. The goal is to show medical necessity and with the rashes, you are already halfway there.

Don't stress out and remember you can appeal if they say deny it. If your Dr. is good, his office will know what needs to be done to deem this medically necessary.

Good luck.

H.A.L.A B.
on 6/21/19 8:44 am

What you describe sounds like external yeast infection. When I lost all the weight and before I could get the PS I used to have rashes like that under my breast, or in some other skin folds. . The only thing that worked for that was antifungal cream, gel or/and powder. Keeping that area clean and as dry as possible, I used the powder to put it on that skin folds after I washed it. Fungi likes alcaline so rinsing that area with acidic water 1 TBS of vinegar to 1 quart of warm water - I used a pitcher and used that after I showered. I didn't rinse after that. I just dried it gently (not rubbing,) and often drying it more using a hair dryer set on a cool setting. (not hot) Then I would use the anti-fungal powder. (OTC - powder in pharmacy for feet ) That helped keep it dry and also reduced friction between skin folds. I carried a small portable container with that powder to apply as needed.

Maybe the doc you are going see can prescribe some antifungal cream or lotion so you can use it until he can do the reconstructive surgery.

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