questioning things

on 6/25/19 5:50 pm

does anyone ever question things? so here i am excited to finally see the plastic surgeon but was exhausted from lack of sleep, i had a long wait, & when i looked around i saw slim folks compared to the "fat" me even though i have lost 148 lbs in 9 months. it was like "Dear God what have i gotten myself into anyways"? but that feeling was short lived. my surgeon who i knew from 19 yrs ago was the kindest man ever! i kept telling him that all i saw was fat & he said but no i see loose skin & this is something that i can correct. he wanted to know all about my weight loss journey. i am on medicare and they rarely cover plastic surgery but the doctor i went to in my opinion is the best in the state and if anyone can get the insurance to cover it he can. what i like about this doctor the most is his sense of humor. he kept me laughing, something i rarely find in a doctor. i should know something back from insurance in 4-6 wks so wish me luck everyone

on 6/26/19 1:11 am
VSG on 02/13/19

Good luck dreamer!



Day of Surgery-347


White Dove
on 6/26/19 5:36 am

Good luck.

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H.A.L.A B.
on 6/29/19 7:07 am

Medicare or other insurances don't cover plastic, ever. But they are knownt to cover a reconstructive. surgery .

Have faith, who knows. But for now call it reconstructive surgery.

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on 7/1/19 11:20 am
VSG on 05/28/19

Good luck and congratulations on your weight loss. You've worked hard and now you get to enjoy the fun part of your journey. (enjoying the fruits of your labor) I can't wait until I'm in your shoes. I'm gonna get into all kinds of trouble then.