What products do you find helpful post-WLS?

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VSG on 06/11/18

Here are some products that I find really helpful post-WLS. I'm not sure that these products are available in the U.S, but I've added some information to help you find them.

Four Seasons Mediterranean Inspired Cauliflower Rice is yummy, and hits the spot when I want something savoury. This bag contains two single-serving packets, and a packet is 100 calories. (Warning: there's also a version of this with rice, and the packages are very similar, so look for the word "cauliflower".) Since I'm a vegan, I add a spoonful of nutritional yeast to make sure I get enough B12. I've only seen this for sale at Aldi. I believe Aldi is in the U.S too.

This specially selected green bean salad comes with a ginger dressing that is scrumptious. The whole pot is 124 calories. I've only seen this at Aldi.

I've written before about making decadent "latte" by mixing protein powder with instant (usually decaf) coffee. I still love those, but unfortunately I've found that coffee often gives me a slight headache. So I was looking for something else with rich flavour that would taste good when mixed with protein powder, and I found pukka organic latte cacao maca magic. There are other flavours besides cacao, but I haven't tried them. I know you can buy these at Tesco and SuperValu.

Image of Cacao Maca Magic Organic Latte

This last item isn't something I eat more than about once a week because it's still a bit high in calories, but on those occasions when I'm craving something sweet, thi****s the spot. Foodie Market Nut Pumpkin Seed Fruit Granola is considerably higher in protein than most granolas. A 45g serving has 210 calories and 12g protein. Another thing I like about this is that the pieces are very small, so I'm less tempted to snack on them. I've only seen this for sale at Aldi.

What are some products that you find really helpful post WLS?

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VSG on 02/13/19

Canned refried beans..Or really any canned bean. But I really like the fat free refried beans. They are filling and satiating. When I don't feel like defrosting a frozen chicken breast, they are my goto. Same with canned green breans for when I don't preparing and cooking vegetables.

Also There is a low carb milk that I used to buy back in the early 2000's called Calorie countdown.(formerly carb countdown) It's low in sugar/carbs and I find it better than unsweetened almond milk. They sell it in a fatfree version, a 2% version, and a chocolate. Its hard to find the 2% around where i live these days so i buy the fat free one and add a spoon of heavy cream to it. The chocolate version is really good to.




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VSG on 06/11/18

Here's something else that makes a nice drink when mixed with protein powder. I just tried it for the first time today, and it's a new fave. No coffee or caffeine, and it's made with carob instead of chocolate. Iswari Macaccino Dark. Found it at SuperValu.

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Foodie Market Nut Pumpkin Seed Fruit Granola.

My doctor recommended me exactly this.