has anyone else had this happen

on 7/7/19 4:26 pm
VSG on 06/23/17

Im 2 years out from my surgery, however about a month ago I have some type of bulge right above my bellybutton and to the right it kinda feels like a small lump, I think it might be related to my sleeve surgery but not quite sure, do hernias happen there on your stomach. Its not getting big, its just there help anyone!!!

on 7/8/19 5:20 am - TN
VSG on 09/28/15

Sounds like an umbilical hernia. Have your dr check it out. If it is a hernia it could eventually become a problem if it becomes strangulated. If you start getting bad nausea and can't eat it needs immediate attention. These can also be there for a long time with no issues. I've had one for 4 years with no problems at this point.

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on 7/13/19 6:09 pm - Garland, TX

Same here. I had a slight one even before my surgery (and before my large weight increase). It is now probably worse than ever (as in size), but doesn't seem to cause any problems. Make sure you are familiar with the warning signs of a strangulated hernia, though, in case the situation changes for the worse. You would then need to get to an ER a.s.a.p..

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diane S.
on 7/8/19 11:00 am

My husband developed one some years after wls. It was large and had to be repaired. Have it checked out. Sometimes if its not so big you can just live with it. It can also likely be repaired laproscopicly so its not a giant deal. I kind of think I have a little one too but it doesn't cause much issue. Will mention it to my PCP next time. Diane S

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