Vitamin D Levels low after surgery

on 7/13/19 3:14 am - Apple Valley, CA
RNY on 03/26/19

I kept feeling tired or dizzy at work thought my iron was low. My pcp did lab works all my labs were great excepthe said my Viramin D is really low. He put me on extra vitamin D pills. Anyone else experience a Vitamin D deficency? I am lactose intolerant and work nights so I dont get much milk or sunlight.

on 7/13/19 4:40 am
RNY on 06/03/15

vitamin D deficiencies are common, even among "normal" (non-WLS) people. They're also usually pretty easy to correct via supplementation. I was put on prescription vitamin D prior to surgery and then I switched over to OTC vitamin D once my levels were in the normal range. It's been fine ever since (I still take a vitamin D supplement - my surgeon requires it of all patients)

on 7/13/19 7:09 am - Apple Valley, CA
RNY on 03/26/19

Thank you. Someone told me i cant take the prescription i have to take dry vitamin D but my dr that prescribed it works with other wls patients

on 7/13/19 7:21 am
RNY on 06/03/15

it might depend on which surgery you had. Not sure as it didn't really apply to me - I had the prescription version prior to my surgery. I've only taken OTC vitamin D since then..(and mine is dry - it's actually a sublingual, but it's not necessary to take vit D sublingually)

on 7/14/19 11:02 am - CA

The "dry" D is more of a DS requirement as they specifically malabsorb fats, and hence the fat soluble vitamins A, E, D and K (the "dry" form is water soluble). AFAIK, there is no particular requirement for it with the RNY, though it might be somewhat more absorbable, but with the ready availability of relatively high dose D3, that shouldn't be a big deal for you.

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Valerie G.
on 7/19/19 8:18 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Prescription D is dispensed in an oil serum, which you malabsorb about 80% of (because it is fat).

Dry vitamin D can be purchased online without a prescription at the same levels. dp/B004HLD1K4/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=biotech+vitamin+d&qid=1563 549463&s=gateway&sr=8-7

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on 7/13/19 5:05 am - PA
RNY on 12/22/14

I was vitD low before surgery - so not surprising that I use a vitD supp now. Not a problem if you take the supps. Figure out a routine that works and stick to it. Don't get to 10pm and realize that you missed calcium, D, or something else.

VitD is necessary for thyroid to work properly and of course "for strong bones." This is why you must get labs and take supps, as my Russian Doctor says, "FOR THE VEST OF YOUR LIFE." (OK, I don;t know how to write this with a Russian accent, but when she says it, it is very impressive on your memory.)

PS 42% of Americans have Low Vit D. So, being treated makes your healthier. ns-are-vitamin-d-deficient/


on 7/13/19 7:08 am - Apple Valley, CA
RNY on 03/26/19

Thanks for the info.

White Dove
on 7/13/19 3:46 pm

If you have RNY and need to take the prescription Vitamin D, poke a hole in the capsule with a pin and then take it with warm water. That is what my surgeon told me to do.

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RNY on 03/26/19