Bariatric-Friendly Comfort Food Hacks AMERICAN Please share your OWN !

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Skinny Onion Dip - mix one pint container fat free sour cream with 1/2 envelope powdered onion soup/ dip mix . Wait approx ten minutes for dried onions to soften. I love this with a snack of carrot and celery sticks.

Makes 4 1/2 cup servings - calories 50 from onion mix 325 from sour cream so total 375 divided by four = 94 cals per serving Carbs - 45 sc 8 mix=53 divided by four so 13 carbs per serving zero fat

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Skinny Lobster Rolls

Toast fresh Hot Dog buns ( 2 per person ) opened up in pan . Spread w butter buds mixed w a bit of water or fat free half and half . You want it as least liquidy as possible but the butter solids to still dissolve . Spread on both sides of bun interior toast a bit more but don't burn em !

Make lobster salad - cut up cleaned ( threads removed) celery into small pieces cut cold lobster meat into smaller pieces reserving some larger attractive chunks for tops of rolls add either fat free mayo or low-fat mayo ( to me they taste just the same ) .

when ready to eat assemble open hot dog buns w a leaf of crunchy lettuce and place lobster salad in placing some attractive chunks on top. Serve and enjoy !

Numbers will b posted tomorrow :) I'm tired

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BIG AND LITTLE SUPER-HEALTHY KID PLEASERS -Skinny Pigs in a Blanket , Skinny Corn Dogs and Healthy Hush Puppies

All these are best made using a flexible silicone baking mold - mine cost 9.99 in Target - and it looks like little piggies ... so cute !

10 minute recipe great for after school ...

Skinny Piggies in a Blanket

mix up batter ( fat free buttermilk pancake mix I use Aunt Jemima ) I add a bit of egg white product and fat free half n half to make a slightly thicker mix than say waffles and I add a bit of butter buds for flavor.

I score and toast 97percent fat free Hebrew National beef hotdogs ( one each for four piggies ) for flavor then cut into fourths

spray oil mold ( placing it on rigid cookie sheet ) and preheat oven to 400

place enough batter in molds to fill 1/2 add one piece hot dog to each roll to cover hot dog fill in mold around hot dog . Batter will rise to cover hot dog on all sides when baked .

Bake until firm then de-mold .To get crunchy finish and nice golden brown color finish at highest setting of air fryer .

These can be threaded onto bamboo skewers one or two on a stick and served .. wouldn't recommend that for tiny little kids though.

Skinny Corn Dogs - Make exactly the same way using low-fat corn muffin mix ( Crusteaz is good )

Skinny Hush Puppies - Leave the hotdog out !

Second Variation South of the Border Hush Puppies use s bit of pickled of pepperonici juice to mix w the corn muffin batter add a bit of minced pepperonicis to batter . You can also add some fat free shredded American cheese ( Kraft ) if you like and I like to add some fresh raw sweet corn kernels I cut off the corn myself. I use a little extra egg to hold it all together- yum ! These are also great dipped into fat free cheese sauce ( skinny Velveeta lol)

four slices fat free American cheese

1/2 cup fat free half and half

Melt together on stovetop w low heat whisk n serve

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BBQ PARTY ! Super - Skinny Tasty n Moist Cheeseburgers , Skinny Hot Dogs , Skinny Coleslaw

I go to the oriental grocery store if I can and buy nearly fat free super fresh beef eye round ( for 3,59 a lb trimmed ! ) and ask them to wa**** first then grind it . Otherwise I buy 93 percent lean ( half the fat of 85 percent lean ground beef) . To make moist n tasty I like to add a bit of Polish hamburger seasoning and about one cup of Italian style breadcrumbs moistened w at least half a cup of fat free half n half , butter buds and a bit of egg white product to hold it together . I also place fat free cheese in the middle of cheeseburgers as well as on the top. Serve on toasted bun w lettuce n tomato slice American guests often say this is the BEST cheeseburger I Ever ate lol ! The secret is the Polish seasoning ( get it in any polish store - one envelope seasons a kilo of meat so two pounds ) and the breadcrumbs lol!

Flatten n toast fresh hot dog rolls to make insides ( or outside if you prefer ) a little crunchy .

Cut x marks or slashed into Hebrew National 97 percent fat free beef franks and either toast in pan or on grill .

Serve w mustard ketchup n relish if you like it

Per dog - 1gram fat 45 calories 6 grams protein 2 carbs

per roll -120 cal 1.5 grams fat 2 grams protein 6 grams carbs

Coleslaw - mix one package of shredded cabbage and carrots w at least 1/2 cup hidden valley ranch fat free dressing . Add a bit of white pepper . If you can get it some grocery stores carry a line of super low calorie refrigerated salad dressings in the produce section ( the brand is Walden Farms ... bu****ch out they?re also making fatty ? sugar free ? dressings now . They make a coleslaw dressing . I don?t find it tasty used alone but mixed 1/4 to 3/4 portion with Hidden Valley Fat Free Ranch it does make it taste like authentic ( rich and caloric too ) coleslaw dressing .Maries yogurt lite coleslaw dressing is more easily findable but it has 6 grams fat per serving .. still Ure using very little just mixed into the fat free ranch . Taste is good .

Per half cup serving - calories 50 carbs 12 fat 0es es

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Skinny Creamy Decadent Tasting New England Clam Chowder

microwave two russet ( baking) potatoes till a fork easily goes thru ... 11-15 minutes on high

spear and place in cold water then peel

mash w fork or potato masher

toast one ( yellow ) onion diced in a bit of sesame oil till softened and starting to golden . Add one envelope chicken stock ( I recommend low sodium it?s easy to make this too salty ) and at least 2/3 of a box of organic chicken broth . Add potatoes and the juice and meat of 3-4 cans minced or chopped clams . You can substitute fresh chopped sea clams which taste even more amazing . Simmer at least ten minutes to properly cook the clams . Taste ... if clams are done take two envelopes dried milk and mix with 1 cup water ... add at least 4-5 tablespoon butter buds . Take chowder off heat and blend in with whisk . I like to add fresh parsley from the garden here but it?s not traditional .

I recommend serving w skinny garlic bread n salad w fat free ranch dressing .

makes 8 large bowls -total ( whole recipe ) calories from milk 480 total carbs 72 total protein 48 calories

from 4 cans clams or one pint wild caught chopped sea clams :calories 330 fat 0 carbs 4 protein 64

Calories from potatoes

calories from 1/2 container butter buds 170 carbs 35 0 fat 0 protein

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Skinny Spinach Purée and Soufflé

this freezes well and takes just a few minutes to make

purée slightly wilted spinach ( I used 3 bags to make a six by six pan )squeezing out liquid in food processor w roasted garlic cloves to taste. Reserve liquid for another dish . Add a bit of fat free half n half n eat !

Easy 10 min Soufflé - preheat oven 350 degrees Use leftover spinach purée . Mix 1/3 pf one envelope Streits potato latke mix w leftover spinach liquid and half n half . Let sit 8 minutes adjust thickness ( should be purée like ) mix together w spinach purée and a bit of egg white product or one egg beaten. Add butter buds say three tablespoons . Bake till center is cooked through . Yummy filling and very nutritious !