Buying new clothes - happy, sad frustrated

on 8/12/19 7:18 am
VSG on 05/28/19

I love that idea. Still taking things one day at a time and one size at a time. Thank you all for the great advice. I think I'll be checking out the nearest Goodwill my next pay day. Still not sure what size I currently am but at least I'm making progress.

on 8/12/19 8:35 am
RNY on 02/14/18

One of the interesting (and annoying things) is that smaller people sizes are not consistent!! So try not to focus on the size right now, just get what fits and is comfortable! Sizing is stupid.

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Cindi A.
on 8/15/19 3:47 pm - Vancouver, Canada
VSG on 11/26/12

That's so true! My wardrobe can consist of everything from a small to a large. It's insane how random sizes seem to be. When I hear people say they just pick something up in their size and take it home because they hate dressing rooms I can't believe how frustrating that must be taking things back all the time. I always take multiple sizes into the dressing room. Sometimes I'm so wrong in the size I think I'm going to fit. LOL


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H.A.L.A B.
on 8/12/19 12:34 pm

Thrift stores sizes can be all over the place. Over the years sizes changed and once size 8 can be today's size 0.

I still buy some clothes in thrift stores. Over 11 years post op, I accumulated many clothes, and now I can justify spending some money if I can get something cheap, and "retire" some outfits I no longer like on me.

A new concept - I am withing 2-3 sizes during my last 11 years makes it interesting. Just think - buying just 2-3 tops for summer and 2-3 tops for winter every year over 10 years gives me an additional 20-30 extra tops for summer and same amount new tops for winter. And ... when presented with a great deal, I have a problem to say no to myself. Just last week, one higher price/labels thrift store had 75% off for all clothes. With a budget of under $20 - I got a a few shirts, a light jacket, a couple of scarfs, and some books... And I had change from 20....

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on 8/12/19 10:37 am

Sign up for their rewards program. My local gives u 25% off during your birthday week. I got a great leather jacket and some new dress shirts this year. Last year a beautiful cashmere sweater. Now I just go during that week as I have what I need. As I got closer to goal, I switched to Costco. Oddly I'm buying right at the bottom of their size range. I'm waist 32 stretch and 34 regular pants/jeans.

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Liz J.
on 8/16/19 8:12 am - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

I love Costco! Some of the men's pants are great for dog training, problem is a lot of them are too big! They have to have the small for it to work for me! My favorite are the side pocket travel pants at less than $20 and they last FOREVER!!

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on 8/12/19 7:42 pm
VSG on 06/13/12

I did what everyone else suggested, thrift stores and clearance sales. With coupons etc I often found better deals at places like JC Penny's than even Goodwill. I also found good deals at consignment shops. I would shop their markdowns. And when all these things became too big, I consigned them again. Sometimes I made more on the consignment payment than the original price paid.

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VSG on 02/13/19

I give all my clothes that are too big to my mother and she sells them online. Bigger clothes sell like hotcakes online. She then gives me a cut of the money and I buy smaller clothes. I am looking forward to the day I can walk into a store and take advantage of the sales that are always on the smaller sizes.. never the big n tall section in that little corner of the store.

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on 8/13/19 1:02 am

Target also has great prices on clearance items and they have larger sizes too.

on 8/17/19 4:37 am

As I lost weight I shopped used clothing stores. I found good quality clothes, sometimes new, with tags still on and just got basics. This got me by until I reached my goal weight. It was hard to adjust to the decreasing sizes and I found myself buying clothes to big as I adjusted to my new body.