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on 8/19/19 10:17 am - Irvine, CA

To support all members of the ObesityHelp Community, we want to remind everyone about our Terms of Services. Recent postings were counter-productive to our mission to provide a supportive environment for all. There have been unfortunate incidents of personal attacks.

Please make sure that your posts comply with all provisions of our Terms of Services and specifically with the portion/s that states "Posting or responding to a message in a way clearly intended to incite anger, useless arguments or rants, or for launching personal attacks, insults, being hateful, giving useless criticism, name calling and using profanity is cause for moderation and continuation of such is cause for possible removal of membership. Personal attacks include, but are not limited to, name-calling, being hateful, threatening, harassing, insulting, malicious or attacking a member personally rather than challenging a member's views or position in an appropriate and respectful way. Please keep comments on the subject, not on the person(s).

It is the purpose of ObesityHelp that you have the opportunity to obtain support and education along with the exchange of information in our community. At ObesityHelp, you have a place where your voice can be heard but it will be shared among many voices and opinions of other members. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to post within our Terms of Service.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and being a member of our community.

ObesityHelp Management and Member Services Team

on 8/19/19 10:55 am - Putnam, CT
Revision on 02/04/15

I would like to know what OH is going to do about a particular poster who spread inaccurate information and is constantly lying to everyone and then tries to play the victim? One of these days a new poster is going to see what they write and try it themselves and when something horrible happens to them then what?

Its a shame OH just lets her do what ever she wants.

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Member Services
on 8/19/19 11:46 am - Irvine, CA

I assure you that we address each and every violation of the terms of service directly with the poster. If the violation is warranted the poster is notified of the violation and asked to refrain. If it continues we will take measures to moderate posts from then on.

The posts that you are referring to are not a direct violation of the TOS. While they are not good in judgment either, we cannot moderate or withhold a post just because we disagree. We encourage discussion about them in the thread, so that others who are reading can see the clear picture.

In the past, if the post was a possible liability for OH, but did not violate the TOS we did in fact pull the post and we will continue to do so.

As I stated in the thread started by Grim, we do not moderate nor censor anyone unless there is a violation of TOS and we encourage anyone who does not wish to see specific posts by another member to block them.

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 8/19/19 12:44 pm
RNY on 08/05/19

Make sure to use the report button as often as appropriate, for comments that are "hateful" or attempting to "incite anger."

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