B1 Low,

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My b1 came back low, range should be 8-30 according to my doctor I am at 10, and she said I am perfect just like that!! but knowing and from experience with my ferritin I rather supplement before it gets any lower. I remember when she said I was just fine with ferritin level of 6!!

Thing is, I recently had iron infusions and although I felt better I didn't feel 100% still was having symptoms of exhaustion and my feet and arms are hurting and I feel pins and needles sensations among other things.

so what is the best B1 vitamin to take?

any suggestions will be appreciated.

White Dove
on 9/5/19 3:45 pm

If your other B vitamins are at good levels, then just buy B1 at Walmart or a drugstore. Don't think you need anything special. I like to keep my levels on the high side of normal.

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on 9/5/19 4:31 pm - Bay Area, CA

Thank you for the reply,

They only tested my b12 and b1 my b12 is 532

vitamin D 24

ferritin is at 70 just finished my 5 infusions

Citizen Kim
on 9/5/19 5:20 pm - Castle Rock, CO

It's common among our population, but shouldn't be a problem unless you are drinking alcohol.

I take a B complex every day.

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on 9/5/19 10:28 pm
VSG on 02/13/19

I just get a 30 day supply from the pharmacy..I just have the pharmacist fill it and its like 4 bucks without insurance.



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In my opinion, and I'm no doctor, all of your numbers are a little low. I like to keep my B12 at around 1000, Vitamin D at around 60, and my ferritin around 150. My doctor prescribes iron infusions when my ferritin gets below 50. I would be concerned if my ferritin was only 70 after infusions. My ferritin jumps to over 300 after infusuions and slowly drops until I need my next infusion. I have been maintaining at 150-170 with iron supplements for several years now.

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I totally agree with you, I wish my ferritin would get above 100, doesn't happen even with infusions and I start dropping really fast, I am considering having B12 shots but I cant figure out why vitamin B give me anxiety, I will have to suck it up and take b12 and b1, I have ordered some on amazon

same issue with my vitamin D cannot get it over 30 and I've been trying for years.

needless to say my brain fog and joint aches, lately my memory is completely shut. I know is got a lot to do with my vitamins being low,

on 9/6/19 11:08 am
VSG on 06/11/18

Before you try B12 shots, you might want to try nutritional yeast. It has a slightly cheesy, slightly nutty flavour that really complements savoury dishes. I average perhaps a tablespoon per week, and my B12 is quite high even though I'm vegan.

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Thank you!! I 've never heard of it. will search for it and maybe give it a try.

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RNY on 06/03/15

may or may not work for RNY patients. We lack the intrinsic factor needed to metabolize B12. That's why they recommend sublingual tablets or injections.

Edited to add that our stomachs can handle regular oral B1 just fine (from tablets), but not B12.