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Rabi C.
on 9/7/19 12:31 pm

I am 5 7" weight about 245lbs. Diabetic. Looking into vertical sleeve Gastrectomy at UT Soutwest, Dallas

Amy R.
on 9/7/19 2:42 pm

Welcome! OH is a great place to land when your looking into all things weight loss surgery. There is a forum dedicated to the VSG where you may find additional help in getting started or having questions answered:

VSG Forum

And of course you are free to post anywhere here that will help you get to what you need to know. =)

Glad to have you on board!

on 9/7/19 3:56 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

Welcome ravichari! It's my understanding that for people with diabetes, RNY is usually recommended over VSG, because RNY is a little more likely to reverse the diabetes. Have you discussed this with a surgeon, or are you just beginning to look into this?

White Dove
on 9/7/19 4:27 pm

What wombat said. Chances of diabetes going into remission are increased due to the bowel changes made with RNY. Many people never take medicine again. This is for Type 2. There is no remission for Type 1 diabetes.

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on 9/10/19 9:32 am - CA

While the remission rates for the RNY are typically shown to be somewhat better than the VSG, the rates overall are similar - typically being sited in the 75-85% range for both, depending upon practice and study. For the best chances one should look into the duodenal switch (DS) as that typically shows remission rates in the 98-99% range. This makes some sense as the DS started as a procedure specifically designed to treat diabetes, to which the sleeve was added to make it a weight loss procedure.

On that basis, the VSG makes a lot of sense as a primary diabetes treatment choice as if one falls into that unlucky 15-20% group for whom it doesn't go into remission, or comes back out over time, the VSG is readily revisable to the DS to treat that, while the RNY is pretty much a dead end as far as revisions go (there are maybe a half dozen or so surgeons around capable of revising it to a DS.)

If diabetes was on the table (it wasn't for me,) my first choice would be to go for the DS straight away even if my weight was marginal for it, with the VSG as a good second choice as it has a good "plan B" available, and the RNY third choice.

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