Bariatric-Friendly Skinny Recipes- please post your Own! THAI INDIAN and CHINESE

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on 9/10/19 8:25 am

DELICIOUS Easy Homemade Cold-and-Allergy Banishing Chicken Soup

The basic recipe can be used as a delicious base for wonton or vegetable / chicken breast clear soup ( or egg drop ) and can also be used in European versions like Greek Avgolemono Soup or Minestrone

The fat free " cream " Thai version is simply a bit sourer and spicier without ever being " spicy "

In a large deep stock pot heat one quart organic chicken soup . Add if you have them a bit of each package of Chinese herbs for Chicken Soup ( available very reasonably on line -or in your local Asian Grocery Store so about eight or so types of fungi bark and dried plums ... I also like to add dried Chinese mushrooms if I have them - like 3-4 at the most . Add them whole cuz you'll strain em out slice and then back later .

bring to a gentle and simmer approx 1 hour . Strain out the herbs . Needless to say if you had chicken carcass remnants around ( like the remains of a fresh rotisserie chicken ) add it cook it and eventually also strain it out ( returning the cleaned meat bits ) to the stock . But you don't need meat in this soup ! Don't forget to add back the mushrooms , sliced !

At this point you have a basic incredibly health promoting Chicken stock . If you're going Asian now is the time to add a bit of chopped ginger a bit of chopped garlic some onion ... if you're going European carrots parsnip celery thyme either way simmer another ten minutes .

Ill sometimes add just a bit of fresh frozen peas to the European version and serve ...

Skinny Tom Ka Gai : Thai creamy coconut chicken soup ( my absolute favorite soup in the world ) . Take approx 2 small tablespoons Tom Ka Gai curry mix ... make slurry add to stock . I like to also add a bit of Tom Yum ( a sour Thai curry paste ) like 1/2 teaspoon . Mix at least one full envelope skim milk powder with a cup or so of water ... when very well blended add to soup . Some people like fish sauce - I don't . The Tom Yum serves as its substitute . You can also add water chestnuts here mushroom slices green onion or Chinese chives sugar snap peas even baby book Choi and chicken breast meat but again none of these extras are necessary ... the soup itself is very filling and nutritious ( and freezes well )

i always add the fresh veg at the very end as the Asians do including of course fresh lemongrass so everything is barely cooked. Last add coconut extract to taste probably at least a teaspoon .

I swear just SMELLING this cooking magically clears up my sinuses - so valuable in pollen season !

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on 9/10/19 11:48 am

Also please don't forget to add fresh basil ... Thai , Italian doesn't matter but it makes the soup amazing ! ( Thais like Eyetalians LOVE their basil lol:) )

my favorite accompaniment to this awesome soup is a variety of low-fat air fried Oriental appetizers and fat free peanut sauce .

I used to hunt for lowfat frozen egg rolls ... then learned how surprisingly easy it is to make them ... but this product from Trader Joe's trumps em all . A variety pack of Oriental appetizers including mini egg rolls mini samosas little elegant beggars pouches and mini wontons ...all very lowfat too

the brand is called Chungs and it's a big box in the frozen food called " Asian Appetizer Assortment " ( five kinds . None of em are over 1.5 grams fat . I serve em at catered parties : they're tot easy elegant and people go nuts ( and cheap and a lot less work for me )

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FAT FREE THREE MINUTE SEMI- HOMEMADE PEANUT SAUCE - also makes the most amazing warm peanut traditional Thai salad dressing ...

yes ...a little fat won't kill ya and some is even necessary for brain regeneration and effective weight loss ( evening primrose oil, TONALIN or flaxseed oil all have been proven to reduce fat cravings and promote weight loss )

BUUUT .. when you're actively working out n trying to drop weight fast ... cutting out as much dietary fat as you can is the proven way to go . It lets your body feast on its stored fat instead...

Most grocery stores have this mix - a Taste of Thai Peanut Sauce mix . Over low heat dissolve one packet in 1/4 cup water ... add fat free half n half n a bit of coconut extract . Cook till it consolidates . S that's IT !

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my lovely Mum says I'm making a mistake to publish vegetarian recipes tho half the world lives like this ... perfectly well .

Let's embrace it ! What negative can we possibly get trying out a time tested vegetarian recipe ? Shoot ... it's jus delicious nourishing healthy fresh food :0

ingredientz - one peeled large potato cut up into cubes

garlic/ ginger processed mix 2 teaspoons .... a million ways to make the equivalent

butter budz ( I really need 2 buy stock in that company )

one bag spinach

or you can use : your overgrown chard , dandelion greens or basically any fresh greens so long as they're not bitter tasting ...

microwave peel and cut up potato into cubes

add cut up onion into sesame oil toast add garlic and ginger toast ... then add Alook Palak spice mix( not too much ! ) butter buds ( a ton ) and a cup of fat free Greek yogurt . Add cooked potato cubes last ... delicious .

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TY !!! Both are awesome recipes !

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These are basically latkes with egg white product and either green onion or better yet real seasonal Chinese chives ( there are so many varieties ) mixed in .

I've always liked these at " real " Chinese buffets but found them very oily and fatty -the homemade version is vegetarian ,vegetable - and- fiber rich and light .

Start with one envelope or half envelope Streits or other latke/ potato pancake mix . Mix with water as directed ( or skim milk) allow to soften . Add egg white product with or without one whole egg ( my preference) . Add butter buds for taste if preferred.

Musing scissors add 1/3 to 1/2 bunch Chinese chives - a LOT of greenery . The egg product will keep it on place!

Preheat Teflon pan ... spray w butter flavored oil spray - make relatively small cakes brown n turn - that's it !

Sorry I can't give numbers these days - the site gives me no ability to edit my posts :( and calculating accurate counts takes multiple machines to look up , calculate n post

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take 1 washed very fresh chicken breast cut on the bias for softness - beat pieces with a mallet if you prefer your chicken extra thin n tender ( I do )

salt n pepper chicken ( not too much )

mix up slurry - egg white product, butter buds , Self rising flour or Aunt Jemima Buttermilk pancake mix . Dip chicken pieces in slurry let drain dip in Panko crumbs . ( some people prefer just more flour ... but that works better with real oil pan frying )

air fry till browned n just till chicken springs back to the touch . Or pan fry using a nonstick pan spray oil ( best if chicken's pounded very thin )

I like to use an Oriental Store purchased ready made sauce for Lemon Chicken ( Lee *** Kee ) .

If you want to make it at home or sugar -free you will need lemon juice lemon slices stevia and salted dried plums . Place plums in water boil, pit,add sweetener add lemon juice corn starch ( make a slurry of that before adding ) lemon zest and lemon meat . Thicken , sweeten to taste and place in food processor . Whirr n serve :)

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Skinny Spicy Garlic Eggplant ( Chinese )

I love eggplant but get very frustrated ordering it because it absorbs ridiculous amounts of oil and so I end up with a fattening barf worthy dish . And like any other Chinese Indian or Thai di**** can be made in a matter of minutes fresh at home . So much better tasting and better for you !

I start by cutting one inch cubes from unpeeled Oriental eggplants - usually just two med/ small size . I've learned to be very careful not to leave leftovers - much better to eat fresh every meal.

Prepare ingredients - 5 or so peeled garlic cloves chopped . Fresh Ginger root about 1/2 inch to one inch cut into matchsticks . Green onions about 4 chopped . Mushrooms if youre using them sliced .red pepper if Ure using it sliced or diced .

Some people like meat in this dish - leftover sliced lean beef works well or very lean fresh pork - personally I prefer it vegetarian .

Chicken stock organic

corn starch slurry ( 2 tablespoons pre mixed with white cooking wine )

sauce mix ( I use preprepared Lee Kim Kee Sauce for Spicy Eggplant from the Oriental store ) otherwise you'll want Sichuan stir fry sauce

Preheat teflon wok or large nonstick pan on highest heat of stove . Turn down heat to medium spray oil add ginger n garlic a few seconds later stir till golden deglaze pan w chicken stock turn up heat to full strength add eggplant cook till nearly done ( still holds its shape but you can see its softening ) add sauce add red pepper n mushrooms white part of onions some wine see how much cornstarch you'll need : lower heat mix in cornstarch into middle of pan after putting in sides - whisk smooth sauce incorporate veggies - last snip green onion into dish after removing from heat - taste , perfect serve .

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This ( along with saag paneer ) is virtually every American's favorite Indian dish - maybe because it's not challengingly spicy .

However made the traditional way it IS quite fattening . This recipe gives you all the taste minus the fat - trust me you can serve this to company and they'll think it's delicious and authentic ...

wash and cut up a fresh chicken breast into 3/4 inch cubes . Mix up marinade - one teaspoon ground ginger / garlic mix w 1/2 cup Greek yogurt .

if you don't have access to an Asian supermarket just use garlic powder or minced fresh garlic and a bit of minced ginger . Let chicken sit in yogurt a few hours or overnight to tenderize .

Sauce - brown chicken on nonstick sorta oiled heated pan w but do not cook through . Decant onto plate - deglaze pan w organic stock add 1/2 an onion sauté till golden add a teaspoon of sesame oil and ONLY A BIT of butter chicken seasoning .. you can buy this on line , or much cheaper in any Asian or even Arabic store . Much better to use less than too much .

Add pre mixed slurry of 1/2 container Butter Buds ( this is a natural product of fat free butter solids made by passing butter through a freeze drier - the butterfat is used to make white chocolate . ) you can use butter buds in ANYTHING to give an authentic taste of butter without adding any fat - I use it in pretty much EVERYTHING :) . Return chicken to pan ... let cook under lid approx 5-10 minutes . I like to add some fat free half n half mixed w cornstarch at this point to bring the sauce color to a nice deep pink .. you can also use skim milk powder made into a thick slurry if you can't get fat free half n half .

If you like a spicier version you can add minced garlic and or ginger during the onion stage but I wouldn't - it's already in the chicken marinade !

Traditionally this is served with flatbread or Jasmine Rice - I prefer saag ( spinach ) and chickpeas ...