weight loss surgery 1 year anniversary

on 9/13/19 7:45 am

yep 1 yr ago today at 1pm my life today changed, i had RNY, have lost 155 lbs, have gone from 345 lbs to 190 lbs. have about 25 lbs to go. have went from size 30-32 to a size 18, can fit into a size 18 some mediums i can get into. i rarely gain weight, maybe a couple of lbs here & there but it comes off. am in a wheelchair but am doing just super, happy, have dumped maybe 3 times in last year. honestly this has been a pretty easy thing for me compared to what i have been thru in my past (cancer, 7 hip surgeries, flat on my back for 15 months do to the hip surgeries). my surgeon yea he is my true hero. thanks for all of the help everyone has given me.

(deactivated member)
on 9/13/19 10:25 pm

Congratulations on the weight loss, and the much improved healthier future that lies ahead. One thing I learned at my 1yr surgiversary was that the journey was just starting. As soon as you can, get out of the wheelchair and start getting in some steps everyday. It took me a few years to actually be able to workout but it started one step at a time.

Good job so far, keep going!