Long term post ops what are you struggling with?

on 9/13/19 1:37 pm

I am right at 9 yrs post op and really struggling with my regain that I started to encounter. I find it is harder to get the weight off the farther out you are and I am finding my appetite is back, I mean really back! I can contribute some of this to hormones, but I am really struggling. I am back to meal prepping and planning, but the scale just isn't budging. It is very frustrating. I know this won't come off overnight, but I would at least like to know what others are struggling with for those of you who are long term post-ops and how you are dealing with those struggles.

White Dove
on 9/13/19 1:52 pm

Regain and it does get harder every year. It will come off as long as I am willing to put in the work and eat the right foods in the right amounts.

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on 9/13/19 3:54 pm, edited 9/13/19 8:54 am

I had an issue with regain too starting around 2016 (which was 10 year post-op for me) and wound up gaining about 50 pounds. My primary care NP put me on Saxenda last year and that helped tremendously to not only lose the weight I gained but even a little more than that!

Today I have a normal BMI (23-24) and have been able to sustain the same weight +/- 5 lbs. for over a year now. It doesn't pry the carbs out of my hands at night, but I find it pretty effortless to make the right eating choices.

Citizen Kim
on 9/14/19 7:38 am, edited 9/14/19 3:04 am - Castle Rock, CO

I'm currently at goal but - it's a battle every day to eat right and in the amount to maintain and not regain.

I think this is so for all of us, once the honeymoon is over

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on 9/14/19 7:53 am, edited 9/14/19 12:54 am

Good, morning?

I'm a post-op of 12 years ago! My highest wt: 320...current:150 took me ALL of twelve years to reach that goal! Why at 320 pounds my body underwent a great deal of "shock" carrying such a massive amount of weight on a 5' 1" frame...

Every part of my body has been operated on since 2007 RNY GASTRIC BYPASS; starting with a throat stricture, 5 back procedures, 2 knee replacement, (Both hips) Trochanteric surgery, Feet spurs, cracked heels from weight rt foot 2 years ago. left foot August 21, 2019

When we get so far out in "comfort", respectively... remember this surgery was ONLY A TOOL.?

2011 I regained back up to 220 lol my birthday...at that moment, I told my husband

at the time, I didn't have that surgery and starve as I did or make EXPECTATIONS for my self and hope for the best in ME by gaining weight again! I purchased a NEW MAN ?? Nordic Track 5 days a week

Warm-up 5 mins. 1-hour include inclining on 3.

Gym weight lifting toning w son.

Move your body It will come off Queen?

Water infused with fruits if you like that.

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H.A.L.A B.
on 9/14/19 10:23 am
  • What are you eating? How much? How often?
  • Do you measure or eye-ball the portions?
  • How many proteins do you eat?
  • How much water do you drink? (Between coffee, tea, water, etc I try to get 100-120 oz of liquids
  • How is your BM? (When I get constipated, my body have a chance to extract any calories from my intestines, and since my gut bacteria can convert the fiber into simple carbs and gas, unless I have a good daily BM, my body is getting that extra sugar from fiber)
  • When was your last blood work? Did they test a lot of your vitamins and minerals? How were the results? Having optimum blood work (not too low, not too high) can be beneficial to us. (When some of my numbers are off - my metabolism can slow down, preventing weight loss...)

In the past, when I had a regain, and started working on getting rid of it, I needed 1-2 month to really get into losing again. As if my body was against me. I had to be strict, no cheating (i.e no cheat meal even once a week, no alcohol) and I had to be dedicated long term to lose the regain.

I did not need to exercise heavily when I wanted to lose weight. But I needed to be active, walking around, making sure I get app 10,000 steps a day, averaging in a week.

Looks like what are you doing now, it's not working for you. Examine your good choices and frequency, plus activity. Then change as needed.

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(deactivated member)
on 9/16/19 8:50 am

I think you have to make a choice - limit your calories or limit your fat ( and sugar and stick to " healthy " carbs .

Either you make exercise a daily part of your life or you resign yourself to creeping weight gain or eventual ill health .

To me there are too many folks crowing about " magically " being able to eat rich calorie dense foods ... sure limiting portions and counting calories and exercising works for a while then the body gets over its shock and tries to fill up its empty fat cells .

The best permanent solution I know is liposuction of said empty fat cells n excess skin reduction : that and increasing the metabolism with exercise . ((())) good luck

on 9/16/19 10:39 am - Lansdowne, PA

I am 7 years out. I had a significant weight regain due to moving in with my mom. I was used to a home that didn't have any food in it. I stayed at 200lbs for 5 years and then life with food available came to be. My mom had cookies, peanut butter and jelly, bread and sugar. Things I did not allow in my house.

Because I was not used to having this stuff around I had no ability to refuse it when it sang its siren song to me in the middle of the night.

I kept expecting to go home but my mom needed me in the area permanently. Two years ago I was able to move out of her place and into a condo near her.

I was no longer gaining but nothing would come off. After a year, I was able to lose about a pound a month. I have lost 15 of the 70 something pounds I gained.

I am looking into revision but from what I hear the weight loss is a lot slower and there not a lot of people who do anything for those who have already had gastric bypass.

I recently joined Noom and Jenny Craig in the hopes that I can get better at dieting.

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on 9/16/19 5:34 pm

It's wonderful that you're there for your Mom and getting your own place near her means you're also there for YOU !

Something many caregivers never prioritize so congratulations !

I would first off try making exercise my daily first priority .

Roll out of bed put on cute new exercise togs and supportive ( expensive but worth it ) sneaks ... have a coffee or espresso ( you'll burn twice the calories ) n hit the road boppin to Ur free Pandora custom radio station, musical downloads n Ur cordless headphones .

Go only as far as you enjoy ... if that's two blocks that's fine . If it's raining or sleeting obviously don't go otherwise ... make the two blocks and give yourself permission to go home while enjoying the music the fresh air the beauty and the great feeling of using your body ... then ask yourself .. can I enjoy more ? Can I do two more blocks and enjoy myself ? If yes then do it .

Finding a workout buddy to talk with also can really help but it's not necessary - what is necessary is a positive experience every day . Never push yourself if it hurts or if you're not having fun . ((())) your body will thank you with better health faster metabolism and sexier, younger looks :)

on 9/17/19 4:39 am - Lansdowne, PA

Thanks for the tip.

I used to go to the pool before work but ever since I changed my shift I am bad about exercise.

I'd go to the pool before work but its not open at 3 AM.. LOL

I gotta learn to prioritize exercise.