on 9/20/19 9:56 am - Starkville, ms

I have been following a Keto diet and keeping carbs below 20. I tested my urine but no matter how few carbs I eat the Keto sticks will not change color. Years ago before R & Y when I went on Scarsdale (low carb) and tested the sticks turned color. I even fasted for 5 days (by blood work showed ketosis) and the sticks still would not change. Is it because of gastric by pass?

on 9/20/19 11:03 am
VSG on 06/11/18

Just to rule out a couple of things: Have the test strips expired? Are you comparing the stick with the guide on the bottle (because some test strips may not have as dramatic a colour change). Is your colour vision good?

That out of the way, this video suggests that you could be burning up all your ketones, doing intermittent fasting, not getting enough slee*****t timing exercising and fasting. I haven'****ched this guys other videos so this isn't a recommendation, just something for you to check out.

on 9/20/19 11:24 am - Starkville, ms

Strips not expired. Comparing to guide on bottle. Good color vision.

White Dove
on 9/20/19 11:41 am

When I had this problem many years ago, I found out that some of the foods I was eating in restaurants had hidden sugar. When I prepared everything at home, including salad dressings, the strips went back to purple.

When you did a five day fast, were you drinking anything that might have contained sugar?

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on 9/20/19 11:54 am
RNY on 02/14/18

post op, I have had the sticks show the appropriate color change so in a sample of 1, I would not think it's RNY surgery related

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Willie H.
on 9/23/19 8:08 am
VSG on 08/26/14

Interesting. When i used to go on the low-cab diet before surgery my sticks would be dark pink or purple. But admittedly after tying a few more times I could not even get the sticks to change to a shade of pink, and obviously I could not lose weight-why I eventually had surgery! Like you I even tried fasting and drinking jus****er, and even tried a Fat Fast-and this was before surgery. Color of sticks never changed? Tried it after surgery-still no change in sticks color, not even a little bit. Maybe our body gets used to it after awhile-I don't know? Some say that it just takes longer for Ketosis to occur, so who knows? Did you lose weight or inches?

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