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on 10/4/19 10:17 am - Bay Area, CA

Hello guys,

Went to see my surgeon after 11 years and explained the issues I have been having through the years but mostly these past couple months things have gotten pretty severe, burning stomach all over, nausea with everything I eat and now I am limited to protein shakes some days I can drink them some days I can't, I can handle dry foods like crackers or hard things like plain chips or tortillas, drinking water is been a challenge these past days. he said he needs a EGD, he talked about an endoscopy and colonoscopy because he suspects a marginal ulcer.

I feel like I am at the beginning from surgery, dumping at its max with everything I put on my stomach, chest discomfort and jittery. I take protonix but feel like is not making a difference, have guys had issues like this so far out?

White Dove
on 10/4/19 4:28 pm

I have not had an ulcer and am sorry that you are going through this. I am hoping that they are able to find and treat whatever is happening.

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on 10/5/19 4:00 am
VSG on 06/28/17

Anything is possible but until you have the tests to rule out or confirm what may be going on try to not allow your mind to make it worse. It does sound pretty miserable. If you do have an ulcer it is important to get it confirmed and treated. I take carafate when my Dr suspects my ulcers are acting up again, (I had marginal ulcers); however, I recently had bleeding from my remnant stomach and I am a lot more worried this time around. The marginal ulcers were in my top stomach and easily seen and treated compared to how in the world I imagine they might see into my remnant stomach. I have had so many swallow studies, scopes, etc. but not a colonoscopy. Is that how they would look for ulcers in your remnant portion of the GI tract? If you are having chest pain, dumping and jitteriness have you had any other tests or blood work suggested to you by your Dr? In any case, please update when you get some answers and I hope you can find some relief

H.A.L.A B.
on 10/5/19 10:19 am

The only way to "see" ulcers in the remnant stomach is surgery.

Colonoscopy is just for colon. And some people with a longer colon, they need to use an extra one probe.

There is no possible way to scope remnant stomach, except surgically.

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on 10/6/19 6:18 am
VSG on 06/28/17

Wow. I had no idea. I should probably look into this more on my own in order to more thoroughly understand what is involved in ulcers in the remnant stomach and if it is the same or different depending on type of bypass. I appreciate you letting me know this.

on 10/6/19 9:12 pm - CA

I think that they can poke in through the abdominal wall with an endoscope to take a look at things - a much bigger deal than the normal down the throat method, but less than unzipping you and putting eyeballs directly on it.

Carafate won't do any good for the remnant stomach as that is no longer along the digestion path. Fortunately, (such as it is,) it seems that by far the most common ulcers with the RNY are the marginal ulcers, typically around the anastomosis as that is the area that is ripe for them. Ones in the remnant stomach can be more worrisome, however, since it isn't easily monitored, anything that does develop can progress a lot farther before it is caught.

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on 10/7/19 9:30 am - Bay Area, CA

So I stopped the chocolate protein shakes on Friday, I don't like any other ones but I have to put something in my stomach so I tried the vanilla - I notice the nausea decrease a great deal, I don't drink caffeinated drinks or any other type of chocolate, I was able to drink chicken soup and held it down fine but only the water and some mushy zucchini and carrots.

Now I ponder if this is an ulcer because the chocolate protein aggravates it, I will keep you guys updated, still not sure about the Protonix twice a day, my doctor sent a message saying to maybe increase the 40 mg, I feel the burning so strong and the medicine doesn't touch it. but we'll shall see.

Thank you for all the responses, I appreciate the information and the replies.

on 10/7/19 12:30 pm

I had the same issues exactly three years ago. I let it go to long and wound up with a perforated ulcer and nearly died. I'm still not back to feeling good. Take care of it now. My bypass was 2005. My ulcer2017.

on 10/7/19 1:20 pm - Bay Area, CA

Oh my, that's scary and I am sorry you're not feeling right yet, you know I am really scared to end up like that, I feel that the Doctor is not moving fast enough but I decided if the pain takes over and can no longer handle it I will go to the ER.

on 10/26/19 3:23 am
VSG on 06/28/17

How are you doing? Any relief from your symptoms?

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