The New D.M.R. Procedure - Non-WLS Hope for Type II Diabetics

on 10/5/19 3:41 pm - Garland, TX

Was just reading a paragraph in the A.A.R.P. Magazine this month about a new medical procedure for Type II diabetics. It likely was the result of research into why our DS procedure almost always results in a quick "cure" for diabetes. The new procedure is called "Duodenal Mucousal Resurfacing" .. It basically involves the surgical burning away of the outer layer (lining) of the first 4" of the duodenum segment of the small intestine. As a result, "much better" control of diabetes is achieved and within 6 months post-op most patients who were taking injectible meds (e.g. insulin) beforehand no longer needed them ... What a blessing for Type II diabetics who are not candidates for WLS (or who do not wi****). Help spread the word!

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on 10/6/19 4:56 am - Warren, OH

This will be a wonderful breakthrough. Thanks for sharing it.

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on 10/6/19 11:20 am - CA

I have seen reference to similar ideas being applied to an implantable sleeve or lining that does much the same thing. There seems to be more to the equation than just the upper duodenum, otherwise the RNY would show just as good results as the DS; and the DS bypasses the lower duodenum while leaving the upper intact - but there is certainly something there to work with.

A work in progress, I expect, but anything that can give a big improvement with a fairly simple endoscopic procedure would be a godsend.

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Thank you for sharing this. I have already mentioned it in passing discussion to some close to me who live with type 2 diabetes. Advances in medicine that can help manage this condition are going to be very important as the percentage of people who develop it, and the resulting complications, increase

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