Is it just me...?

Willie H.
on 10/8/19 9:21 am
VSG on 08/26/14

Is it just me or does there seem to be less chatter and discussion on this forum? I used to come to here for a pick me up and therapeutic relief. Used to be newbies asking questions, veterans giving suggestions and just others relating their journey. There were about 5-15 new posts with comments each day, interesting comments, lively debates, menus, NSV's, setbacks, milestones, goals, family news, just good old fashioned conversational sharing, etc. Now I see a post stay up for days at a time with only 4-5 comments? What happened? Did we all just get smarter and better with no need for help or discussion? Bored, depressed, discouraged, wrong time of year...or is it just me? What has changed?

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on 10/8/19 10:33 am
VSG on 06/11/18

It's not just you; I've noticed that the forum is especially quiet lately. I've been posting a lot.

I'm only guessing, but... a while back, one member was criticised for starting a large number of off-topic threads (among other behaviour). That might have given some people the impression that only WLS-related posts are allowed.

Then again, every forum I've been on goes through quiet periods for no obvious reason.

on 10/8/19 11:11 am

Not sure, since I just recently came back after years. That being said, if anyone wants to talk Star Wars, I'm in!


Let it begin with me.

on 10/8/19 11:27 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I am looking at a couple of Rey costumes for Halloween, so I'm ready to Star Wars with you!

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Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 10/8/19 11:19 am
RNY on 08/05/19

I suspect a lot of people have moved to Facebook WLS groups, since folks spend more time on Facebook anyway.

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on 10/10/19 8:19 am
VSG on 02/05/19 with

I think this is very true. I'm much more active on Facebook groups and not very active here but I check the forums regularly. For myself I feel more casual on the Facebook groups and willing to share short insights, random updates of NSVs, or progress photos. Whereas if I have a lengthy question or something that requires more serious and thoughtful answers, I'll post it here instead of Facebook. Maybe it's just the impression I get from these forums, that they are more serious and "big picture" than the random and less meaningful posts you see on Facebook.

T Hagalicious Rebel

on 10/8/19 2:03 pm - Brooklyn
VSG on 04/25/14 with

Yes, it's been quiet for some time now. I'm guessing that people have moved onto other sites. There used to be a post started by a lady from member services whenever it got slow, but she's not here anymore.

The other woman who used to be on here was posting crazy stuff & she had her posts moved to the off topic forum & she didn't like it.

I think posts on the main forum does have to be wl related in some kind of way. It doesn't have to be stuff like how much protein do I need or labs, etc. It can be about emotional stuff like lack of family support, how's life after surgery, exercise, etc.

The only forum that I saw that has quite a bit of chatter on it was the menu post on the rny forum. But that forum takes work for it to succeed the way that it has. There have been a few dedicated people who post on a regular basis, not just pop in n out, or do fly by surgiversary posts.

For a forum to stay, shall I say vibrant?, then people have to not only post on a regular basis, but the community also has to respond in kind. I think that's why the rny menu posts have stayed as active as it has been over the years.

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on 10/12/19 7:18 am

Bring back the chat room. Now its boring

on 10/12/19 9:00 am

Well I just signed up and I'm all up for talking. I stay away from FB for the most part now due to all the negativity that is on there. I can also check the forums when I'm at work so I'm bookmarking it for days that I am here. :)

I'm post op, and hoping to get surgery by the end of the year BUT when I went for pulmonary and cardiac clearance they insisted that I do a sleep study (which I do tonight ugh) and a stress test (Tuesday the 15th). So after I hopefully clear those they can send off for insurance approval and then I can get a date. I've already pretty much met my deductible for the year so getting it done before the new year starts is the goal. Whether or not that'll happen pretty much depends on how fast the approval comes back.

I'm hoping to have the RNY as I think it would be best for me from the information I've looked at. It's a daunting process and of course I'm nervous about dealing with the loose skin I know I'll have. How to hide it, etc? I have a huge chin with no neck as you can see in my pic.... and that's what I'm most scared of. I can hide everything else but that..... there's no hiding it and I know I'm going to look like I have a turkey warble. But I still think it'll be worth it. Anyone have any tips or ideas on what can help tighten skin? Especially in the neck area? I'm up for hearing any advice or thoughts. Thanks!

on 10/12/19 1:17 pm, edited 10/12/19 6:17 am
VSG on 06/11/18

I had a few extra chins before surgery, so I figured I was doomed to end up with a turkey wattle too. But I got a pleasant surprise. I do have a sligh****tle, but so does almost any woman my age (59). You certainly wouldn't know from looking at my face or neck that I was ever obese. You may get lucky too. I have plenty of loose skin elsewhere, but it isn't anywhere near as bad as I expected.

I've done a lot of reading on the subject of loose skin post WLS, from what I believe to be reliable medical sources. The amount of loose skin you end up with depends on your age, your genes, and how long you carried the excess weight. It does not depend on how quickly you lose the weight, so it doesn't matter whether you lost it with the help of WLS or not.

According to my sources, there are only two things you can do reduce the amount of loose skin you have:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids (one more reason to stay hydrated!)
  2. Moisturise your body as well as your face
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