It only gets harder

on 12/2/19 11:58 am

I've been struggling with regain for a while now and I have done several things to help me get back on track, but it just seems to only get harder to lose regain the farther we are out. With Christmas coming this is where I will have my hardest obstacle and that is several family dinners/parties that we attend. I always try to eat before we go, but it doesn't always help. I get around others and I cave and end up eating more than I should. I drink plenty of water beforehand to help keep me full, but this definitely seems like a mental issue for me

What are some of the ways that you successfully navigate the holiday meals/get-togethers and stay on track? I am so open to any and all suggestions.

White Dove
on 12/2/19 1:26 pm

This will be my 13th Christmas since surgery. I do not try to stick to any kind of diet or food plan on Christmas. I relax and enjoy eating what I want. I don't try to stay on track during my eating season, which for me starts on Halloween and ends on New Year's Day.

I will go back to Weigh****chers the first week in January. Then I will fill up on zero point foods, get officially weighed every week, and lose about fifteen pounds by May. I am either on a diet or gaining weight. I accept that and work with it.

Since I do not have to follow any plan on the holidays, I find I do not crave foods or get very excited about them. One trick I learned long ago is to hang out with the heaviest person in the room. They usually are embarrassed to overeat in public and will not be dipping into the potato chips or cookie trays.

I eat the vegetables, meats, and cheeses and keep a bottle of water with me. I stay away from most of the food and enjoy seeing people and talking to them.

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Willie H.
on 12/3/19 7:53 am
VSG on 08/26/14

We try so hard during this time and then get so frustrated with ourselves and our program. I'm not saying we should not be accountable but if this time of year we keep having trouble over and over again, year after year then that is the definition of "insanity" doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So we need to change up our game plan.

Some I know, go into this time of year by losing more weight beforehand, some exercise harder, some try to focus on eating more protein, less carbs, and some, just know they will have a hard time so enjoy themselves and then as mentioned, get back on track, back on program afterwards. I myself, am having a very hard time-ESPECIALLY with sweets!

5 years out and this was supposed to be the year I had a plan to beat this thing!! But I think I will stop beating myself up although I will hold myself accountable and do what I can to stick to my way of life. It's a long, consistent haul toward good health, sometimes we go off road, but we just have to keep getting back on track. Journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step-and many of those steps are NOT straight ahead!

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H.A.L.A B.
on 12/3/19 11:59 am

I totally get that. For me personally. II try to avoid most of the sweet, carby foods. I go for quality, like good proteins,some veggies (i.e raw carrots and celery, cucumbers, low sugar pickles, avocado, olives, etc. I know that as long as I can good proteins, (chicken, beef, pork, fish, etc) I would not to be able to eat the other stuff. I give myself permission to eat but only after I had a double serving of dense proteins.

Not having a strong cravings on the day of the meal, helps me with the emotional struggle to eat the sweets or starches. I reduce my craving by being on a strict, very low carbs diet for a week or 2 before the event. I know we would have to attend at least 3 meals, when they serve this amazing food, so the week of Dec 9 and the 16's I would be following a rather strict keto-paleo diet. This week I decided to have a transition week. I would be switching my body from burning mostly carbs, to burning fats and some proteins. I have list of foods that can pick from and eat as much as I want until I get full. This week is no about limiting calories, but rather changing what I eat.

What's on "my menu"?

  1. proteins (eggs, chicken, fish, beef, pork)
  2. fats: avocado, olives, ghee, bacon; fatty fish like salmon, sardines..etc
  3. Low carbs veggies: raw cucumber, low sugar pickles, celery, zucchini, yellow squash, spinach, green lettuce etc. . A few raw carrots,if I realy crave them.
  4. water and other drinks.
  5. fruits: berries- very little if any, low sugar type.
  6. snacks: low sugar jerky, pork rinds, HB eggs, or even cold cuts..
  7. some nuts: some are better that others. In my first week "de-carbing", I try to limit nuts, because they are like slider foods for me.

Most people like cauliflower or broccoli, but my body does not like to much fiber, or this type of food. (IBS)

I would not feel deprived. There is so much I can eat, that there is no excuse for me why I can't stick to that. Most foods like that I can pick up ready to eat (RTE). Today I plan to stop by Costco and get a roasted chicken, some RTE chicken strips, cold cuts, eggs, beef and pork. I already have a lot of frozen fish and shrimps at home. I know I can lose up to 5 lbs during the next 3 weeks. (Dec 03-24th). At dinners I probably would not want much if any of the carby foods.

BTW: for an excuse that there would be a very slim selection of "high proteins foods" at a gathering, why don't you bring a dish for everyone to share ?. I.e. platter of shrimps, or some home roasted pork loin. No that really expensive.

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White Dove
on 12/3/19 3:11 pm

Last year I made a tray of bacon wrapped shrimp which was a hit with the keto and non-keto crowd. There were not leftovers to take home.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

(deactivated member)
on 12/27/19 1:33 am

Everything will be fine! Good luck you!