Is Obesity a Choice? - with Giles Yeo

on 12/4/19 1:19 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

Royal Institute talks are usually very good, and this one is no exception. It's a nice, balanced, compassionate, discussion of the role genetics plays in obesity. At the end there's a nice explanation of the phenomenon of the "desert stomach". (I thought that was something we humans invented, but other mammals have it too!)

on 12/6/19 3:24 pm

That was really interesting and informative, thanks!

on 12/9/19 10:20 pm

I enjoyed that talk. Thank you.

on 12/27/19 8:03 am

Give me the cliff notes. Is there victim/fat shaming? Some of us (like me) have PCOS. The deck was stacked against me. I tried YEARS to lose weight. I would have some success, like 40 lbs which is a nothing considering I was 300 lbs, but it would always come back after me trying so HARD. It wasn't until an endocrinologist told me "You will never be able to lose it on your own" did I feel that I had permission to undergo surgery and really consider it as a viable option and not a "cop out".

Given that fat shaming is one of last bastions of discrimination left in our society, I tend to forego "discussions" because it generally reduces to "they should just stop stuffing their pudgy moon-faces".

So save me some angst (and potential cursing at a computer), how does it REALLY go?

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on 12/27/19 12:57 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

It is definitely not a fat shaming talk. On the contrary, after watching it I felt more compassion for myself, more understanding of how evolution shapes us to have certain eating habits. Those habits kept our cave dwelling ancestors alive, but are not so helpful in today's world of abundant calorie-rich food. He also talks about some metabolic and health issues that affect weight. I don't recall if he mentions PCOS specifically.

In my research I developed an artificial "species" I created that has artificial intelligence and evolves over time. That has given me a lot of insight into how vital and powerful a force evolution is, and why it's so difficult for us to act counter to it.