Requirements Complete!

on 12/5/19 4:39 am, edited 12/5/19 4:40 am
RNY on 03/05/20

Yesterday was my last 6 month visit! My surgeon's office said all my info will be submitted within a week and my insurance has 72 hours to respond (to me at least). I am nervous because I gained weight during the 6 months, but I also started a new medication at the same time that is known for causing weight gain I called my insurance to see if weight gain would disqualify me, but they couldn't find anything stating that it would. So fingers crossed!

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on 12/5/19 9:04 am

So excited for you!!! I hope all goes well on the paperwork end. I bet weight gain is fine if it was OK with the surgeon. I have my last visit next week! I've been sweating my weight in because my weight loss has slowed way down.