Need Encouragement & a Plan

on 1/19/20 1:29 pm
VSG on 12/08/14

Background: VSG in 2014 Highest weight 235 Lowest 145 Current 177

Present:Regained 32 pounds! Suffered from arthritis for many years in knees, ankle, back.

Scheduled for total knee replacement in March. (bone on bone now) Difficulty walking or standing very long.

Problem: I am having difficulty getting back on track since Jan. 1st. I can't seem to make it past 2 days without falling off the wagon. I'm trying once again today. I also know I need to exercise. What type of exercise should I do? Or do I forget exercise until I recover from surgery? I am also planning on getting the other knee done as well after the first one. Then it's an ankle replacement. I know.... this is alot of surgeries but the arthritis is so bad. Maybe if I get the weight off I wont need the ankle one. ??? My question is... what type of exercise can I do knowing I can't wait until all the surgeries are recovered. It is SO HARD to focus on eating right and surgery at the same time BUT I know if I don't I will continue to gain. Help please from anyone who has been down this road. Thanks in advance. :)

Citizen Kim
on 1/19/20 2:02 pm, edited 1/19/20 6:03 am - Castle Rock, CO

Firstly, you cannot out exercise a poor diet.

Weightloss comes from the kitchen, so to lose that regain you need a good eating plan. For most of us, that involves a high protein, low carb diet of around 1000-1200 calories a day.

The more successful among us log everything that passes their lips into something like MyFitnessPal. We will also weigh/measure our food so it's not being guesstimated.

This really is a lifelong commitment and it's not that most of us haven't had regain, it's that we've never completely given up. It's the difference between success and 100% regain, which is all too common.

32lbs is absolutely loseable by the end of the summer - you didn't gain it overnight, you won't lose it overnight.

The best exercise is something you will do consistently - whether it's walking, the gym, running 10ks, playing softball or golf.

Start by putting aside 30 mins per day to walk - whether it's early morning (my favorite), during your lunch break or in the evening. Walk your dog if you have one! As you get fitter, see if your local rec centre offers classes or sport teams. You will have extensive PT and exercise requirements after your surgery - now is a time to get fit so you're ready.

If you go to the RNY board they have a daily menu post. Join in - they're lovely people and will give you a ton of support and encouragement

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Citizen Kim
on 1/19/20 2:25 pm - Castle Rock, CO

Found this walking blog on MyFitnessPal - it has a good program and tips:

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Laura in Texas
on 1/19/20 3:50 pm
RNY on 09/17/08 with

A month ago I was also up 30 pounds and got serious. I joined WW and so far I have lost 9.6 pounds. Tracking every bite works for me. The mental side was the hardest. It took a few weeks before my eating felt like a normal routine again. I feel so much better when I take care of myself. I know I deserve to be at a healthy weight. I feel better physically and mentally. I have to keep reminding myself that I am worth the effort.

Just take things one day at a time. Track every bite. If you slip up, just get back on track ASAP. I would not worry about exercising with your bad knees and ankle. Perhaps just try to be a little more active each day. Several short walks a day would be good for you, if you can handle that.

You can do this!!

Laura in Texas

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VSG on 05/27/15

I second Laura's advice. I was facing a knee replacement prior to VSG and also have severe arthritis in an ankle 30 years after a compound fracture. I swear by good water sneakers and pool time for calorie burning and muscle strengthening while minimizing joint pain and damage. The water sneakers provide tremendous stability for pool walking /stretching. I have enjoyed water aerobics as well as moving land exercises into the water. Lots of ideas on Pinterest.

Age: 64; 5' 5"; High weight: 345; Start weight: 271 (01/05/15); Surgery weight: 218 (05/27/15); Pre-Op (-53); M 1 (-18); M 2 (-1.5); M 3 (-13.5 ); M 4 (-13); M 5 (- 8); M 6 (-12) M 7 (-5, Xmas); M 8 (- 9) Under surgeon's goal and REACHED HEALTHY BMI 12/07/15!! (Six months and one week.) AT GOAL month 8. Maintaining at goal range (139- 144) ~ four (4) years !!

on 1/20/20 8:50 am
VSG on 12/08/14

Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement! Yesterday, I managed to get through the day without bread, crackers and sweets! I am focussing on low carb and more protein and portion control. Next, it's getting my water intake up. I am making small changes getting things under control. For exercise, I will do chair exercises and see if I can do slow walks on treadmill but if I can't, I'll stop. Taking one day at a time and praying for help and strength. Hoping to get some weight off before my surgery in March. With God's help I can do this!! Thanks again for the comments. Have a blessed day! :)

on 1/20/20 9:59 am


Sometimes the changes we make have to be one day at a time... With your bad knees,(Bone on bone is serious as well as arthritic...changes.)...I have the rheumatoid and the osteo arthritis. you should do non weight bearing exercises to strengthen all muscle groups.Consistency will get you there and burn needed fat..and tone those muscles.will make overall recovery must be able to do the exercises after knee surgery or you will have a permanent contracture/disability of the joint,yes it will hurt. will hurt more if you do not follow the directions given post op.

Continue with the high protein diet. count your protein... My Surgeon recommended 90 grams minimum for a 5 ft 5 frame on line between small and medium.Carbs below 50 always and 30 optimal. consider boosting even that up by 2 oz protein... Good job on limiting them...i use complex B liquid sublingual for 3 days at double dose and limiting carbs for 3 days to break carb cravings.

Look into anti inflammatory foods... there are inflammatory foods and these should be ommitted as much as possible... add green leafys as you tolerate.broccoli, asparagus... I can't eat these.but many w/ WLS do.

One of best ways to do that is isometrics. they can be done from the bed.or sofa. To do isometrics. find a comfortable position, start with tensing and holding muscles in feet and ankles... hold for slow count /5. relax slowly and repeat x 5. move up to next set. from ankles to knee.... repeat. slow tensing of muscles, hold, and slow release of tension is KEY. same numbers of repeats. up to thighs and buttocks. repeat. until every muscle is your body is exercised... they make me sleepy so i do at night.( for longer sets).. began with 3 x a day...

using chair . sit on it and do leg lifts,. lower leg only to build thigh strength...start with sets of 3-5- even number both sides

Be sure to do separate upper body strengthening as well. Start with balled fists and progress to use cans of vegetables for weights/ do with arms out stretched and do circles... with hands both backward and forward.even number of times. start slow and light...progress in a way that results in less stress to every joint.

work on balance. sit on exercise ball? do with eyes open, then eyes closed. use light touch- to firm surface,. until you can easily remain upright.

also you need core strengthening for lower back and abdomen. side lay, pull up bottom knee for balance and do leg lifts. slow lift , hold for count of 5, slow lower.. repeat x 5 to start in sets of 3. possibly morning and afternoon,,,,turn to other side and repeat same way... can make it harder by adding sets o by doing toe circles backward and forward while holding leg lift...

hope these give you additional ideas you can use to get back to where you desire to better health. dh

on 1/20/20 10:45 am

I agree with measuring and tracking every single bite that goes into your mouth. Also, if you are ok for water exercises, I know that is pretty low impact, but can get things moving into the right direction/mindset.

I think you are super distracted... I recently went to a support group of mine and found these to be helpful:

1: Take an inventory of your time

2: What sustains your attention?

3: Who, What, Where are you giving your time to?

4: What does it take away from?

5: Who & What influences you?

If you are able to write your answers honestly, it may help you with being focused on your goal. Make small attainable goals for weeks, larger goals for months (that make up a lot of your smaller goals)

There is no "Starting tomorrow". Start the moment you slip up. Write down everything. How you slipped and what you did to correct it. Seeing things written down has really helped me understand that the bigger picture is simply a collage of little goals that have been set and achieved.

The Salty Hag
on 1/21/20 9:54 am
RNY on 05/20/13

I've been almost exactly where you are. I'd gained 20 lbs back, and my right knee was bone on bone. I had a total replacement June 2018. I totally understand being in so much pain it hurts to exercise.
Honestly, I wouldn't worry about exercise to lose weight right now. Like Kim said, you can put exercise a bad diet. What I did was focus on were the pre-op exercises recommended by my surgeon. I was exercising more to strengthen my quad muscles prior to surgery than anything. It is super important and will make your recovery easier. Depending on your knee, you may be able to deal with water exercise or using a recumbent exercise bike, but I think talking to your Ortho surgeon is the best first step regarding exercising at this point. Getting your eating back on track coupled with whatever movement your ortho says will help-those two things should help you lose weight.

I'd lost the 20 lb regain with zero formal exercise by focusing on diet only. I wasn't a total slug, but I didn't set foot in a gym. A lot of my moving more was simply getting steps in. I'd had a cortisone shot earlier that year that helped me immensely. (I realize it's too close to your surgery date for that.)

I was back at my post op lowest weight when I went into my knee surgery. I did low carb, keeping my total carb intake 30 grams or less per day and keeping my protein at 80-100 grams per day. I didn't really worry about fat grams. I did keep cheese to a minimum....which was hard because I do love the cheeses!

As far as sticking with the low carb WOE, you just have to stick with it and push through the worst of the cravings to get past them. It's hard, it sucks, but it's doable.

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Tom Petty

on 1/21/20 2:49 pm
VSG on 12/08/14

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me.... so encouraging!! I wish I could do water exercise,, but my knee is so bad... can't get into the water plus I'm legally blind and my balance is not good. I will definitely call my surgeon in the morning about exercises. I have started today on some knee exercises, doing leg lifts and side lifts while lying on the bed since I can't get on the floor. I am nervous about the surgery, the pain afterwards.... wondering if I can handle it. Since I can't take nsaids, I hope they will give me something strong that I "can" take. Will talk to surgeon at pre op about this. As far as my eating, I have been focusing on low carbs, and more proteins and staying away from starchy carbs, and sweets. The weight is beginning to come off. Wish I could have all the 30 pounds off before surgery! But, I know that is NOT going to happen and that is OK.... slow and steady and I'm happy! Yes, all the exercising I can do now is to strengthen my muscles around my knee and maybe do some chair exercises with weights. ?? Thank you again for your encouraging words!! Need your prayers. :)