Dr. Phil - "How You Sabotage Yourself"

on 2/19/20 2:05 pm - Garland, TX

Wow .. Saw this on Dr. P.'s show earlier today .. The brother of this sibling pair has lost over 400 lbs. and then regained it all + more .. My heart really goes out for both of them .. :

https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/watch/you-have-to-understand -why-you-sabotage-yourself-says-dr-phil-to-siblings-with-wei ght-issues/vi-BB109qMm

Frank talk about the DS / "All I ever wanted to be was thin, like that Rolling Stones dude ... "

HW/461 LW/251 GW187 CW/298 (yep, a DS semi-failure - it happens :-( )

Cathy W.
on 2/20/20 7:12 am

That's so sad


Want to get back on track or stay on track? Get Back On Track Together!

on 2/20/20 3:21 pm

I agree with everything he said... with the exception of "you can gain weight together... you will lose weight alone"... gaining weight was "not together". I really hope they get the help they need to live a healthier lifestyle. Wishing them the best of luck!

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