A seroma popped up 9 years after my last surgery.

on 2/19/20 6:44 pm - Somewhere in time, SC

I had RNY surgery in 2004, hernia repairs, 2 panniculectomies until 2009. It has been about 9 years since I have had abdominal surgery yet, a hard seroma popped up in November. MDs told me there was nothing on CT scans until January when the CT scanned showed a large seroma. Has anyone had this happen to them after so long....? I am supposed to get aspiration and biopsy in the morning. I should not freak out, but it seems to have occured for no reason. BTW... When I lift semi-heavy objects, I get stomach swelling and internal stabbing like *****ly itching. I have been to many surgeons about swelling and hardness of my abdomen from 2009, but the best explanation I get is nerve cutting causing referred pain. Thanks for any responses.

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on 2/20/20 3:14 pm

...and for sure it's a Seroma and not a Hernia? Please forgive my naive question... That is just weird that this would come about 9 years later.

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on 2/20/20 3:41 pm

The body will try to fill in space where something used to be by creating a seroma. Just be easy to get it drained.

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