Carb addiction

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RNY on 08/28/17

I?m really struggling. I?ve gained ten pounds since thanksgiving and I think it is all due to my carb intake! I just can?t stop eating carbs. I?ve lost all motivation to go to the gym. I?m tired all the time. I need accountability. Do I do a pouch reset? Two weeks of liquid diet? Can anyone relate? Am I alone in this struggle?

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RNY on 02/14/18

Pouch reset is not real and it's hard to stick to a liquid diet. Go back to high protein and super low carb -- you'll have to white knuckle through a few days, so look at it as "this meal, I won't have carbs; today I won't have a snack" and maybe it won't seem too overwhelming! Lots of fluid, lots of protein. Good luck to you!!

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RNY on 08/05/19

Weight gain has nothing to do with carbs and everything to do with calories. Bottom line is that you're eating too much, and it doesn't matter if it's carb or protein.

Don't waste your time with a liquid diet. Get back to basics-- lean dense protein first and foremost-- and start weighing, measuring, and logging everything you eat. Nibbles and condiments and whatnot included!

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Hi Lalalalisa,

I would agree with Sparklekitty, it's not the carbs that are the source of your weight gain, rather the excess calories you are consuming.

I have always consumed a ton of carbs and I am quite guilty of not consuming the healthiest of carbs. If I go overboard with calories, I will gain weight. I have dessert most nights. As long as I'm aware of what I put in my mouth and I regularly weigh myself, I don't see any major weight gains I cannot easily take off.

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VSG on 01/27/16

Carbs may be increasing your appetite and affecting your hormone levels. Try to limit carbs and increase protein and fat levels. Try to limit your calorie intake. It's hard at first, to walk away from the processed carbs. After a few days, that craving goes away.

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Are you logging and tracking your intake? Try doing that for a bit along with what's mentioned above and hopefully, that will help you gain control over things.

For me, personally, I enjoy going to liquids for a bit but slightly modified. I go on what my surgeon put me on prior to surgery (liver shrinking phase, if you will) and know exactly what I can and cannot consume during the day. Shakes during the day, sensible 4 oz lean protein with leafy greens for dinner, no dressing, just lemon juice or a light vinaigrette for taste.

For me, it's about control.

Have you tried talking to a dietitian or bariatric nutritionist for a more personalized plan?

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VSG on 05/27/15

I am in my fourth year of maintenance and while weight gain is all about calories I know that for me carbohydrates make excellent choices (protein forward, then veggies/fruits and a bite or two of carbs) extremely difficult. I cut out simple carbohydrates pre VSG and while losing I had no grains, breads etc. In maintenance I have reintroduced limited complex carbs which easily creep up in volume and cause massive sugar/carb cravings for me. Additionally, I'm now dealing with non diabetic reactive hypoglycemia, which is now being seen in post bariatric patients 2+ years out. If I am firm on my protein forward approach, followed by fruit and veggies and limit bread and grains, I am much more stable all of the way around.

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H.A.L.A B.
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As others posted, the gain is do to absorbing more calories than your body need. And not all calories are the same. The calories are just a theoretical values someone assigned to food. But how much of that calories our body can digest and absorb can vary from person to person. i.e. IMO the carrots - when I eat them raw, and i chew them - the calories my body can absorb would me different that of soft cooked carrots. I probably adsorb every calorie in cooked, soft carrots.

But, I personally experienced, my caloric needs, my basic RMR may depend on the type of diet I am on. When my diet is full of carbohydrates, my body produce a lot of insulin, and insulin is a hormone that stores the calories in my body. I get hungry much easier and faster, because my blood sugar (BS) fluctuate from very high, to very low - often to below normal BS - hypoglycemia. BS too low can cause very unpleasant and often dangerous side effects. Before my BS drops that low - my hunger may get so bad that I would ignore my "desire to keep control on what and how much I eat" and just eat to bring my BS up.

When I eat carbs - I believe my body RMR drops, and I need less calories to gain weight. Less calories, but very carby calories. Plus I can really eat a lot, and even though 4 oz of steak would make me full and keep me feel ful, I can eat much more carbs and still be hungry.

When I follow keto type eating plan, and keep the total carb low, plus make sure I spread those carbs between the meals, i.e. 3-4 meals, no more than 10 grams of (total, not net) carbs per meal, I don't need to eat as much food to feel full. Plus - proteins and fats often make me feel full for much longer. On plan like that - I often struggle to get enough calories because I may forget to eat.

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VSG on 08/14/14

It's obvious to everyone here what you should DO, which is get back to eating nutritious food and stop eating highly processed, high-caloric, low-nutrition packaged foods that tell your brain and body you want more of the same.

But the real question is ... HOW can you GET TO THE POINT where you can DO what you NEED to DO? IMHO, how that's going to happen is for you to somehow gain stronger control over your decisions and your actions.

The only way I know how to get to that point is to enlist the help of a good therapist to help you address and resolve whatever is holding you back from doing what you WANT to DO and then helping you strengthen the skills you need to keep doing that every day, over and over, even when you're not perfect (because none of us is perfect--we win only if we begin anew over and over and over).

There may be other ways to move forward. But all I know is this ^^^^.

Sending you my very best wishes for finding a good therapist to help you achieve what YOU want to DO!

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DS on 11/01/14

Hi LalalaLisa, I've also gained about 8lbs since Thanksgiving and I've been working out regularly. A little muscle maybe but definitely not 8lbs worth. I can also eat a lot without gaining, so it's a pure carb addiction for me.

I don't have the answers and won't be seeking external help but will do more internal reflection. I always log daily weight, track steps and I'll be focusing more on limiting the never ending grazing all day. Some intermittent fasting may be in order, and a little more outdoor time soon should take care of it.