Let's be extra careful about our nutrition (thoughts about COVID-19)

on 3/7/20 11:07 am
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Not to be alarmist or anything, but I've been giving some extra thought to the COVID-19 risk. In particular, I'm a little concerned that because I only eat 800 calories, I might be at risk for some dietary deficiency, which in turn could weaken my immune system. Also, I turn 60 this year, and the virus apparently hits older people harder.

In reality, my nutrition is better than ever. When I was overweight, my doctor was always telling me that I was low on some mineral. But now I pay so much attention to what I eat, especially because I'm vegan, and all my blood work has been great. My overall health is much better too, of course. And I'm scheduled to have blood work done next month, so I can verify that things are good. And early signs are that the virus is evolving into a somewhat milder form as it spreads.

But just to be on the safe side, I plan to be extra careful with nutrition going forward. I'm going to find ways to work even more fruits and veggies into my diet without increasing my overall calories. I'm going to aim for more variety. I'm posting this for my own accountability, but also to invite discussion. If you're taking any extra steps to improve your nutrition, do share!

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Protein malnutrition can have a negative effect on your immune system. Skip the stocking-up on hand sanitizer, go to Costco and fill your freezer full of ribeye!


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We purchased more proteins at Costco vs paper goods... trying to meal prep so things aren't hectic even more