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on 3/13/20 3:24 pm

i have a weird question-topic. i went to see my weight loss surgeon 2 weeks ago and he is concerned that i am losing too much weight, says i have only 10 more lbs to loose and that is it, period. for the past 16 months i have been losing 9-10 lbs a month on average and the most i have gained is maybe 7 lbs which has came off very easily. is this normal? i can't eat anything with sugar or fat in it because i get totally sick and my surgeons RN said this would probably be like this for the rest of my life which is ok with me. i also am in a wheelchair so i rarely exercise but yes i eat right but am never hungry. has anyone else been in this situation before? i had the RNY also plastic surgery less than 2 months ago and feel great.

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I would think that (with your dietitian's oversight) you incorporating healthier carbs and upping your caloric intake. I have heard that no matter what you do (pretty much) within your first 2 years, which is considered the honeymoon phase, that the surgery is doing MOST ofthe work (with help from you and your choices)... but then after that 2-year mark is really where the maintenance takes place which is why tracking, measuring, etc is so vital for your nutritionist to be able to gauge where to adjust.

Congratulations on your Journey. I look forward to seeing more of your progress!

Citizen Kim
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Unless you have a BMI less than 18, I wouldn't worry about it.

I've been here 15 years and can count on one hand the number of people for whom this is a serious problem after year 3. That's when most of us end up fighting regain.

Make the most of your days when gaining weight doesn't cross your mind before every time you eat! This really doesn't last too long.

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White Dove
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Your body is very smart.

The intestines are lined with hair-like structures called villi. They grab food as it passed by and hold it up against the intestine walls so that the calories can be absorbed.

After RNY surgery, many of the villi are gone and food goes right through without most of the calories being absorbed. By the end o year two those villi have grown thicker and stronger. The body absorbs calories again and weight comes back.

By the end of year three most of us are fighting hard to lose regain.

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VSG on 08/14/14

Thank you. I did not know that about RnY surgery. (I had the sleeve.)


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Laura in Texas
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You are perfectly normal at 18 months out. The surgery is still doing all the work. Six months ago you were 190 pounds. At that time you posted you started at 345, had lost 155 with 25 more to go. If your goal stayed the same, you have lost 15 pounds in the last 6 months so your loss has slowed down.

I can only remember a handful of people in my 13 years here who had lost too much. Most of them had other health issues or, in my opinion, a horrible surgeon who botched their surgery.

I had my RNY in 2008. I lost 170 pounds in 14 months (310 to 140). I also thought it was easy and would never gain. Nope. About the 5 year mark I started having a tough time maintaining. In the past year I gained 30. I am working on losing that now and am confident I will.

I hope things stay easy for you but odds are, it won't. Stay diligent.

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DS on 11/01/14

If you feel great and your health is good, there's nothing more to worry about.

I'm one of the few people that lost too much but eventually it came back to normal range. I was never worried because I always felt healthy. FYI - I was under 18.1 BMI and I think you should not worry unless your trending down from there.

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RNY on 08/21/12

You don't give details such as height, weight, BMI, etc, so it's hard to say. But I've seen doctors tell folks they had lost too much, or too fast, when they were still 50 pounds overweight.

As Kim said, unless your BMI is really low, I wouldn't worry.

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Because I was at goal when I had my band removed and sleeve done I had the same. My nutritionist had me go full fat on things they would normally suggest not. Also I was to up my calories by no more than 250 per day. She had never had that before but she thought about it and researched for me. It worked. Perhaps contact yourself if you start to go too low.

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I had MGB surgery almost 3 years ago (surgiversary is in early April) and am someone with a low but still normal BMI. My labs are great and my doctors are not concerned. I feel fantastic; all of my pre-WLS issues have resolved and my joint pain is definitely a lot better at this weight than before surgery or when I was at high normal BMI. I have Hashimoto's and yesterday my endocrinologist congratulated me on maintaining my weight, which is the same from when he saw me last, and that my thyroid levels have been stable for the last 12 months; therefore, he does not need to see me for another year! I would not start trying to gain weight because of what your weight loss surgeon said; he may just be less familiar with patients that reach normal BMI (assuming that is where you are at).

I would consult with your PCP and have current lab results evaluated before you start worrying that there is an issue.

Congrats on your progress dreamer1234!