13 Years Ago Today=WLS was 3/19/2007

on 3/19/20 11:17 am

13 years?? So much I've learned Post Op. SO many new things from You Tube Videos for weight loss surgeries.. Where was You Tube 13 years ago? How about 15 to 17 years ago.. would have learned more and been more successful with my goals ...I would have made better decisions.. With a little regain I am very proud of myself for someone who did this all on her own, no moral support. So proud I have kept off most of my 100 lb. weight loss. My BMI was 40 when I started. I give thanks to my best friend,,The SCALE.. though I got off track for little while I now know that SCALE is my best friend, say hello to the SCALE Everyday. Numbers go up and down every day. I may write a lot of DO's and DON'Ts on my profile ( there are a lot ) one of these days, I have more time on my hands being quarantined these days. Stay well everyone. I am feeling good...I'm still riding Horses when I can weather permitting

7stents (2003)...Heart Attack(2004)...Open Heart (2004)....Wls (2007)...Heart attack 2012...1 stent (2012)...Heart Attack (2013)...Heart Attack (2013)...1 stent(2013)
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on 3/19/20 5:53 pm

Congratulations on your Surg-iversary! Great job keeping off the weight as well! Enjoy each day!

on 3/20/20 10:51 am

Congratulations! Happy Surgiversary!

on 3/24/20 8:02 am
RNY on 01/01/14

I SO admire U lovely... somewhat struggling GRRL. The way u take care of ur horses is AMAZING! Know ur always thought of n loved ( if remotely)