Coping with stress

on 3/21/20 11:36 am
VSG on 06/11/18

I originally planned to lose until I was at the borderline between underweight and normal BMI so that I would have a buffer for regain.. However, with COVID-19 about, I'm reconsidering how low I want to go, especially since at age 60 I have a slightly elevated risk of getting a more severe form. The ironic thing is that I have no appetite for more calories. In fact, I'm having to force myself to eat enough to meet my protein requirements.

About a week ago I realised why that was: stress. I've had very little stress in my life the last few years, and before surgery stress would have made me want to eat more, not less. So I'm reminding myself to eat, to take time to relax, to chat (phone) regularly with friends, snuggle with my cats, and to limit how much news I watch. Fortunately I'm working from home, so I can get all the sleep I need.

What are you doing to cope with stress?

Janet P.
on 3/22/20 11:36 am

I'm also able to do my job from home from home too. Unfortunately I work in a very deadline driven field, so I'm stressed about my current project. It's been a really hard week. We've been snapping at each other a little more as the week has progressed.

I also have to make sure I have enough protein and vitamins (did a massive Amazon order last week to make sure I have at least a month's worth). Trying not to appear like I'm hoarding. Shopping has been an adventure but fortunately I haven't had any problems finding what I need/want.

Even after my DS and all these years later, I still have never forgotten to or not wanted to eat .

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 3/24/20 7:39 am

I haven't had my surgery yet, I'm in the final stages of getting it scheduled. But, with everything going I'm fighting my bad habit of stress eating. Work has been rough these last few weeks, I work for a hospital infusion pharmacy and I'm responsible for our drug ordering and receiving. It's an extremely stressful time right now and I've been quick to snap at the moment. The gym is my normally stress reliever, but with that being closed and a torn bicep, I'm struggling at the moment. I've been going for walks and I also enjoy shooting to relieve my stress tried to do that some this weekend and play video games online with my brother to try and escape reality for the time being.

on 3/24/20 11:43 am

I am stressed because everything is at a standstill... I know things will pass and I am begging everyone to stay home so we can flatten this curve out as fast as possible! I want to get this ball rolling again!