Should I be concerned that my doctor Told me I'll be the heaviest Patient she ever had To...

on 4/1/20 12:59 pm

Should I be concerned that my doctor Told me I'll be the heaviest Patient she ever had To operate on

Laura in Texas
on 4/1/20 1:25 pm
RNY on 09/17/08 with

What did the doctor tell you? I assume he/she thinks the surgery is less dangerous than you remaining at your current weight.

I don't think there are many surgeons who will operate on someone over 500 pounds. Which surgery are you having? Sleeve? I think Dr. Now starts with the sleeve now and then revises to a more complicated surgery after his patients have lost weight.

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Thanks so much for reply to my question I'm having gastric bypass and I'm ready to lose weight. I hope we can be friends and I can ask you more questions

Janet P.
on 4/2/20 10:06 am

Does she seemed concerned? You have to weigh (no pun intended) the risk of staying obese vs the risk of surgery. Have you thought about getting a second opinion?

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

on 4/2/20 10:10 am

I feel that I would be worried if my doctor told me that she wouldn't operate on me. Your surgeon feels that you, despite your current weight, are still able to receive/undergo surgery.

Congratulations, you are on your way! We wish you the best and can't wait to see your progression!

on 4/2/20 4:35 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

You will go through a lot of tests to make sure you are ready for surgery.

You may be her heaviest and but that could also make you her greatest success.

If you haven't asked or been given the information already I would ask how many RNY/Gastric Bypass surgeries she has done. Not that having done more makes you a better surgeon, I would just want to know she was well experienced.

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on 4/2/20 6:10 pm

Thanks so much for reply to my question of I have more questions could I ask you

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