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on 5/13/20 3:30 pm

Hi All,

I was recently diagnosed with Lipedema and was told that I need to wear compression stockings/leggings and I was wondering where you all get yours from, if you get them too? I received a pair from the doctor and I feel good wearing them but the company he gets them from only sells in bulk to medical facilities.

Do you have recommendations to brand and or somewhere I can go to check things out? Any help is really appreciated? My major areas of concern are my hips/thighs so I need something that concentrates on those areas. With summer coming up, I also want to be able to breathe!

on 5/14/20 6:06 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I don't know much about true compression garments but would something like althletic/compression bike shorts work? I have a couple of pairs of essentially compression leggings in the bike short length (no extra bike padding though). Because they are athletic wear, they are pretty comfortable.

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on 5/14/20 10:36 am

I will have to see what I can wear underneath some of my clothes... I'll check some of the biking shorts out! I also want something that goes up to my bra line too, to "keep me together" without being bumpy...

on 5/20/20 10:21 am - Nashville, TN
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those athletic compression garments are NOTHING like medical grade compression garments, nothing.
athletic grade are for holDing loos jiggle stationary. Medical grade are so tight they actually force the fluid from the area on which they are worn.




on 5/14/20 7:03 am, edited 5/14/20 12:04 am

I go to a local specialty shop about 25 miles from me. All they sell is compression hose, they've been in business for 80 years. It's like going to a bra store in the old days (or so my wife tells me). They fit you perfectly, but you pay big bucks. My socks run about $80 a pair. Some covered by insurance. I would at least go for a consult to one of those places (call a vein doctor's office and see where they send their patients). Though they may require an Rx from a doctor.

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on 5/14/20 10:34 am

Thank you! That is a good idea

on 5/18/20 3:53 pm

OOH!!! Thank you!

The Salty Hag
on 5/18/20 12:01 pm
RNY on 05/20/13

I'm pre-diagnosis, but suspect I have it. I am being treated for varicose veins right now and was prescribed 20-30 mmHg. I got mine from the office attached to my doctor's office.
I belong to a group of Facebook, and a lot of the women there get theirs on Amazon. Some of the brands they buy are CzSalus, Juzo (I got Juzo Soft thigh highs), Jobst, and some prefer Marena. I'm doing okay with the Juzo, but want more pairs. I'll probably go with Amazon.
There are quite a few groups on Facebook for lipedema, one in particular is for women who have also had weight loss surgery. These groups are, for the most part, very helpful. They don't always want "real" help as far as diet goes though, so I've learned to just STFU about
Good luck!!

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on 5/18/20 3:51 pm

THANK YOU! I will do a search for those brands!

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